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Rapela Odippo

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February 2015

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About Me

My name is Rapella Odippo. I am 30years old, a Kenyan Citizen, living in Kitale Town. I come from a family of six, three brothers and one sister and I am the third born. I am a university graduate from Egerton University with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. As it might be, it is quite difficult to get a well paying job in that sector, or in any sector for that matter. I graduated in the year 2010 but to date i have only managed to get small jobs here and there, some on short contracts. I also have skills in IT and that is what landed me at my last job. It was not well paying but i managed to save some good amount for over a period of two years. At least finally i had some small amount of money start me off in my business venture. I have a passion for agriculture. This is something i have wanted to do since my childhood and that is why i decided to venture into farming. I have done both animal and crop farming before. I have kept chicken especially the layers, i have rared sheep and goats, planted kales, carrots, cabbages and some other various vegetables. That is why i decided to go back to it, as it is something i know i can dedicate my time and resources. I have a sizable piece of land where i have already constructed a chicken house and the rest i have planted vegetables and watermelons. It is this passion that i have turned into a business venture that I want to finance and push it to be the best business of its kind in the region. My dream is to develop this into a sustainable source of income for me and even to create employment for other. Furthermore, I also have a keen interest in graphic design which i have already ventured in, thanks to the last loan. This is the area in which am building now since my chicken business is stable and can stand and run on its own.

My Business

My Business

My business is called Kikai Graphics. It is a design and graphics business where we make logos, banners and other promotional materials for my clients. I diversified in this area of business because it is one of my passions. In my previous loans, I started a chicken business which has proven to be very successful and is now running on its own. All my energy is now in the growth of Kikai Graphics. The very last loan enabled me to furnish the interior and get some equipment to start me off. This however was not enough to complete the whole job, especially the interior. The business is currently doing well, within the limitations that it has. However it has a potential to shoot up and compete comfortably with its competitors in the market. This can however be achieved only with improvement in my equipment and the acquisition of some new improved ones.

Loan Proposal

With my last loan, I diversified into Graphic design Business. My business is called Kikai Graphics. I got a room, and furnished the inside, and with the little that remained, I bought some machines that I would need. I also managed to put some work to the interior though I did not complete, as the funds were not sufficient for the complete work.
The new business currently is able to pay the monthly rent of $90. It has also managed to grow from the projected weekly income of $30 to about $100 weekly. This has enabled me to pay my weekly loan of $10 comfortably. It has also enabled me have some little surplus for my family. I am able to pay my house rent on time too.
Despite the success to my business so far, I am experiencing some challenges, especially in terms of equipment I need to run the business more efficiently. I only managed to buy a small Epson printer, which has been good for my business but a bit limiting in terms of the type of print works I can do or offer. From my market research, a bigger printer like the Konica Minolta Bizhub would be much better for the business. With this printer I can do more mass production of high quality documents.
The printer currently goes for about $1,700 locally. Personally, I have managed to save $900 for both my chicken business and my new graphics design business. That leaves me with a cash deficit of $800. That is the amount I wish to get from the new loan.
With the acquisition of the new printer, I project my weekly income to increase to $150. With that amount, I know I will be able to repay my loan comfortably, and at a higher weekly rate of about $20. With that increased income, I will also be able to finish the interior of my business premise, which is important as a marketing tool to get more quality clients.

All in all, this loan will be a big boost to my graphics design business, and will also improve a lot my family's standards of living

Thank you zidisha team in advance






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 16, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

11 months



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