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Michael Asiedu

Berekum, Ghana

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Michael Asiedu

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January 2015

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About Me

Life had not been easy for me as at now. My name is Asiedu Michael who hails from Brong Ahafo Region.i started my education with a basic school in our community called Biadan. I completed in the year 2006 and finished my senior high in 2009,but due to hardship and poverty i could not continue my education. I thought life was over for me since all my friends and class mate were schooling. I moved in into trading where by i sold some cosmetics in a shop. I saw that i need to have a property since i could not made it to school.I ventured into farming aside the cosmetics to join my parents since that has been their source of emplyment all this while. As a young guy in farming, i was nerva easy but due to perseverance and aim to succeed i moved on.

My Business

I ventured into farming because i had basic knowledge about it growing up. Am a young guy who is established in Berekum. My parents were farmers so i used to help them when i close from school and during vacation. Ghana has a potential land for farming thus all the farming lands are fertile enough to grow almost 90% of the worlds crops.But is not easy farming in Ghana due to inadequate finances to help hure labour and machinery for farming activities. I have four acres of cocoa farm inwhich i need a loan of about $450 in other to hire labour. I cannot do all by myself and hope zidisha will help me. Thank you

Loan Proposal

Is been nice experience working with Zidisha and its noble lenders. My expectations are been met gradually. A loan of about 400 dollars will go a long way to hire a labourer for a mazimum of one year to help my farm work. Cash crop like cocoa is a lucrative work in our part of the world. Its seasonal in nature allows you to plan with the icome that will be generated and used profitably. Farm work is very difficult in our country since the tools and equipments needed for effectiveness are lacking, hence human labour are prefered. Its very difficult to run a farm with only one hand. You need more hands to control the weeds that grow in the farm, applying pesticides, pruning and fertilzationg. As soon as the loan is granted, i will seek the needed advice to hire a hard working labour for fruitful year. My previous loan helped me hire labour for seasonal clearing and weeding of land






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Classic Loan

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May 22, 2018

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On Time

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2 months

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Service fee: $11.27

Credit risk payment: $45.20



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