Diambogne Diafath
Dakar, Senegal
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This Loan
100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $500.40
Date Disbursed: Nov 13, 2012
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 12 months
Cost of Loan: $38.95
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $500.40 at 2.24% annual rate over 12 months = $12.05

Service Fee: $500.40 at 5% annual rate over 12 months = $26.90

Total Loan Cost:
$12.05 + $26.90 = $38.95

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Upon joining Zidisha, Diambogne paid a lifetime membership fee of $10.62.

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About Me

I was born in 1975 in Ngeniene in the department of MBOUR. I have been married for 15 years and I am a mother of 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. I run a business of fruits and vegetables processing (couscous, peanut butter, lemon, mango, etc....). I live in the parcelles assainie in DAKAR, unit 17 villa n°314.

My Business

I run a business of fruits and vegetables processing (couscous, peanut butter, lemon, mango, juices, etc....). Thanks to my business I am able to share in the cost of family expenses (education of the children, rent, healthcare, etc…). I spend 50 000 FCFA a day to buy goods that I am able to sell two days later for 60 000 FCFA. I make an average daily profit of 5 000 FCFA. With this Zidisha loan I would like to increase my purchases and make my business flourish.

Loan Proposal

The Zidisha loan will be used for my business. I sell palm oil, fruits (mango) and vegetables. With this loan I intend to use 100 000 FCFA to buy fruits and vegetables and 100 000 FCFA to buy oils that I will sell to consumers in my neighborhood. I know that by investing in this loan I can get monthly income that way I can repay the loan, increase the working capital of my business and meet my children’s basic needs.

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About Me

Je suis né en 1975 à ngeniene dans le département de MBOUR.Je suis marié depuis 15ans et mère de 6 enfants dont 3 garçons et de 3 filles.J'ai 5 frères et 4 soeurs Je suis commerçante de produits de transformation de fruits et légumes (couscous,patte d'arachide,citron,mangue,etc....) J'habite les parcelles assainie DAKAR unité 17 villa n°314

My Business

de transformation de fruits et légumes( couscous,mangues ,orange,citron,patte d'arachide,jus etc......).C'est avec mon commerce que je participe aux charges familliales( éducation des enfants,loyer,santé etc...)
je dépense par jour 50000f pour acheter des marchandises que je vend deux jours après pour avoir 60000f et faire un benefice de 5000f en moyenne par jour. Avec le pret zidisha je compte augmenter mes achats et fructufier mon commerce.

Loan Proposal

Le prêt zidisha sera utilisé pour mon commerce. je vends des mangues, de huiles de palme et des fruits et légumes. Avec ce prêt je compte prendre 100000FCFA pour les fruits et légumes et 100000FCFA pour les huiles que je vais vendre pour la consommation courante des habitants de mon quartier. Je sais que en investissant ce prêt je pourrai avoir pour chaque mois des revenus qui pourront assurer le remboursement du prêt, augmenter le fonds de roulement de mon commerce et assurer les besoins élémentaires de mes enfants.

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  • duckdork     Oct 28, 2014


    Another disappointment!

  • Serene     Aug 27, 2014


    Took the money and ran?

  • cranejoad     Aug 17, 2014


    I am very disappointed that this loan has not been repaid!

  • Kjartan     Aug 17, 2014


    Failed to repay, so far!

  • Krtecek     Feb 8, 2014


    Good stuff, though more communication would be appreciated! :)

  • Oliver     Dec 11, 2013


    Fully repaid the loan.

  • Hope2012     Dec 7, 2013


    Repaid all fine thanks

  • eagle3     Nov 30, 2013


    100% positive. I appreciate the prompt way in which this loan was repaid. The interest paid on the loan will help others help themselves.

  • JimVandegriff     Nov 30, 2013


    Congratulations on your great repayment record on your loan.


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Diambogne Diafath
Dakar, Senegal

100% Repaid