Alassane Diop
Ziguinchor, Senegal
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Disbursed Amount: $788.17
Date Disbursed: Aug 24, 2011
Repayment Status: Late
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 18 months
Cost of Loan: $87.49
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $788.17 at 2.40% annual rate over 18 months = $28.37

Service Fee: $788.17 at 5% annual rate over 18 months = $59.11

Total Loan Cost:
$28.37 + $59.11 = $87.49

About Me

My name is Alassane Diop. I am an artist who dies cloths and sells them. I learned this trade from my mother. From a very young age this trade fascinated me, I was always very moved to watch her put so many colors on a single cloth. I graduated high school though could not continue my education, because my aging parents could not afford it. Since then, I chose a career in dying cloths, which allows me to make a living and take care of my parents. I make and die bed sheets, blankets, table cloths, shirts, and pants. I sell these products to make a living.

My Business

I've been working with cloth-dying (Batik) for over 10 years. This is a traditional manual craft that consists of putting different colors on a white cloth and then tailoring the cloth to make dresses, pants, bed sheets or table cloths. I also teach batik dying classes to people who are interested.

Loan Proposal

The loan that I would like to have will be used to produce traditional hand-dyed batik clothing. This is my trade, in which I have over ten years of experience. I would like to replace worn-out tools and equipment, and avoid ruptures of inventory - often clients come to buy clothing from me and find that I am out of stock.

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About Me

je m'appelle alassane diop. je suis artiste teinturier. je fais ce metier que j'ai apris de ma mére, quand j'étais plus jeune ce métier me fascinait déja, j'étais trés ému quand elle arrivait a mettre a la fois plusieurs couleurs sur un meme tissu. j'ai eu une scolarité normale jusqu'en terminale, mes parents devenaient vieux et ne pouvaient plus payer ma scolarité j'ai été obligé d'arreter c'est ainsi ke j'ai chosi la teinture et qui me permet de gagner ma vie et a mon tour d'aider financiérement mes parents. je fait des draps de lit, housse de couette, nape de table débardeurs, chémises pantalons, que je vends pour gagner ma vie

My Business

la teinture (batik) est un travail que je fais depuis plus de 10 ans, c'est un travail manuel qui consiste a mettre differentes couleurs sur un tissu blanc aprés, le tailler pour avoir une robe, chemise, pantalon, draps de lit, nappe de table... je donne également des cours de teinture a des personnes interressées.

Loan Proposal

le pret que je souhaite avoir est destiné a faire de la teinture,c'est mon travaille j'ai plus de dix ans d'expériance,
je voudrai aussi renouveler mon outil de travail,
ne plus avoir de ruptre,des fois un client vient acheter et il se trouve que j'en ai plus,

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  • melliecarma     Aug 17, 2014


    60.58 usd lost but nevertheless i like this guy. Absulutely excellent communication as long as it lasted which was a very long time. Never paid a single cent but i smile everytime when i see his picture. i wish him all the best (and yes, i really mean it). Strange as it may seem but i don't feel any loss in this case. I didn't get my money back but i learned quite a bit about life in Senegal, the Casamance region and Ziguinchor, its capital. So thanks a lot for that, i value that more as money.

  • rebecca     Jan 28, 2012


    Thank you Mr. Diop for your postings and for being a faithful borrower. God be with you during the unrest in your country.

  • Daniel     Jan 12, 2012


    Alassane -- I've enjoyed reading your outstanding comments. Please keep up the good work!

  • Anninymouse     Aug 7, 2011


    He repaid his loan to me on Zidisha in full, I am very pleased, cheers!

  • Julia Kurnia     Jul 2, 2011


    Mr. Diop is Zidisha's only borrower who is located outside the capital city of Dakar. He hails from the Casamance, a highly impoverished region approximately two days' journey from Dakar which was devastated by a separatist war whose leftover land mines still prevent many residents from farming.

    Despite his isolation from Zidisha staff and partners in Dakar, Mr Diop made repayments reliably until disaster struck: his mother whom he supports with his business earnings fell gravely ill. He used all the profits he had earned from his Zidisha loan to pay for her health care, taking her to a hospital in Dakar where she finally passed away. After his mother fell ill, Mr Diop used all available funds for her health care and fell behind on his loan repayments. As it happens, I had funded the majority of his loan of USD 780, and I chose to forgive or renounce my share in remaining repayments due. This reduced the amount remaining due to other lenders to about USD 100, which Mr Diop paid ahead of time.

    Mr Diop also posted several informative and entertaining comments to lenders during the early part of his loan period.

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Alassane Diop
Ziguinchor, Senegal

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