Patrick Gacheru

Nairobi,, Kenya

37% repaid



Patrick Gacheru

Member since

September 2012

On-time repayments

19 installments  •  53%

About Me

my name is Patrick Gacheru from Nyeri but currently in Nairobi, Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County where I live and I run my business. I am businessman that mainly deals with computer services and maintenance and also operate a cyber at the same site. I am a fourth born from a family of six members, 4 sisters and 2 brothers, whom we work together hand in hand. I live at Jolem Boma house, near mount Sinai hospital house no 3A, which is approximately a Kilometer from the main road and near Rongai Slaughter House,. I hold a diploma in information and technology, from Kiwani Training Center. I run this business of networking and computer maintenance under the name of Kingo Properties.

My Business

My business involves computer maintenance and repair, and at the same time I run a cyber cafe which is located a kilometer from the main road near Rongai Slaughter House. I have a long experience in this business that I gained from being employed in a similar industry before. Thereafter i joined classes for the same to advance my skills. There's a high demand for my services in this area that I operate in since there are many colleges and universities around, who happen to be my main customers, giving my business an essence to expand. I have cultivated a client base from these student from the time the join the institutions to the time they graduate.

Loan Proposal

Let me start by thanking all lenders who bestowed their trust in me by funding my previous loan which was a stepping stone towards my enterprise.From my previous loan i was able to open an M-pesa outlet at my cyber shop which is doing very well. Granted this loan, i intend to open another till and put all the money lend. M-pesa is well paying as i have come to realize you need just to have enough float to serve your customers without them not going to your competitors.As i had earlier projected about making useful of my farm lying idle,plans are underway and its my hope that i will do this with loan from zidisha, coz with zidisha future projection is attainable and achievable.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 4, 2013

Repayment status


Projected term

11 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $559.41 at 5.86% annual rate over 11 months = $30.60

Service fee: $18.87

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  • scgtb    Jul 16, 2014

    Thank you for the update Saul!

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  • Saul Katamu    May 19, 2014

    Hi lenders,
    As i see Patrick has been communicating very well with you.We talked very well with Patrick and despite the hardship he underwent through his business,he promises he will catch up with his repayments.
    Thank you zidisha and zidisha lenders.

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  • Kitty    Apr 24, 2014

    Thank you that's fine with me, good luck

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Apr 24, 2014

    Greetings lenders,
    My apologies. I'm sorry could have communicated earlier but circumstances beyond my control hindered me. Now um back in town after spending time away in rural area after i was defrauded my M-PESA outlet shop. My account is in arrears close to or more than 60 days but am writing today to promise i will settle my repayments gradually starting this month end.
    Once again am sorry for any inconvenience caused to you dear lenders. For now i have reorganized myself, as for the fraudsters they didn't take away my entrepreneurship spirit with them! Thanking GOD um well.
    kindly bear with me.
    sincerely, Patrick.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Dec 24, 2013

    Hello good people, trust we are all doing well as i am.
    Today marks a milestone as i break for Christmas hols for thus-far we have come; may i also take this time to thank all Zidisha family for making it happen, to the Lenders thank you and God bless you abundantly.
    Wishing every one a merry Christmas and happy new year as we continue growing together with trust.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Sep 7, 2013

    Recently i applied for a loan which was funded and disbursed in time to roll out my plans. A BIG thanks to Zidisha family,then after it was posted for funding i decided to edit it again to minimize the repayment duration to about 12 months which i did by increasing the monthly installments from a minimum of 2473 to 4946 KES.
    The updates never reflected to my application. I wanted to repay the loan within 12 months duration. Since i started operating my M- PESA outlet funds have become more affordable in a timely manner because after monthly transactions all interest earned is credited directly to my account, therefore i will have no hustle to make my monthly installment as rescheduled. Thank you.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Aug 26, 2013

    Hi lenders,
    Lol to the reason why @adaniels85 lend , to add on to that me as a borrower showing others i can get loan through internet funded by a stranger on the other side of the world wide web makes the whole Zidisha initiative fascinating.Thanks to all lenders who have placed their bid so far... maxEmerika, jayzkay, shamrock just to mention a few.
    Still waiting for full loan funding to roll out my plans. God bless.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Aug 20, 2013

    Hi Zidisha fraternity,
    Am Happy today as i have been able to make my full repayment as i had promised.Thank you lenders for bestowing trust on me and to all entrepreneurs who have scaled heights with help from Zidisha.Loking forward to working with again in advancement of another loan.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Aug 20, 2013

    Hi Zidisha fraternity,
    Am Happy today as i have been able to make my full repayment as i had promised.Thank you lenders for bestowing trust on me and to all entrepreneurs who have scaled heights with help from Zidisha.Loking forward to working with again in advancement of another loan.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Aug 19, 2013

    Hallo lenders,
    God is good.... at all times.
    Its good to have joined Zidisha because at any time you can undertake any future projection because platform of accessing loan has been made more friendly unlike many institution here in Kenya. I intend to make my full repayment later today. Long live Zidisha.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Jun 19, 2013

    Let me start by thanking all lenders for bearing with me since my May and June repayment installments i made them late, but as i had explained earlier i have had no internet since then. I have already applied for another provider who after weighing my several options deemed reliable.Looking forward for their connection sooner. Still operating my M-pesa outlet which now i rely to it fully with other services like repairing and maintenance of laptops and Cpus.
    Glad today that i have been able to pay all past dues.
    Sincere Regards, Patrick.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    May 10, 2013

    Hello lenders,
    I have never had internet at my cyber since last month but all is well.I have now decided to look for another provider who can be reliable with their services at all times since i come to realize that reliability is of utmost importance in any undertaking.
    About my repayment; trying my level best to keep 100% rate.
    looking forward to make my May installment Asap.


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  • Patrick Gacheru    Apr 25, 2013

    Hi to all Zidisha fraternity,
    My apologies for being silent for a while. I had no internet @ my cyber for this whole month, this is due to an upgrade of services by my providers- Safaricom. Today am pleased to talk to you and more so to let you know my current situation. A bout my repayment, i will make pay before the end of this month.


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  • Patrick Gacheru    Mar 14, 2013

    God is good.......and all the times.Thank you lenders for giving me a chance to now afford a decent life and an independent one all because you entrusted me with your funds.I call it "growing together in trust". Since i started operating an M-PESA outlet i have come to learn a lot about business.
    Lesson learn t: and this goes to my fellow borrowers that any business is jealous, by this i mean it requires your time, energy good managerial skills and more-so good use of your capital and profit as Zidisha have always stated that it trusts you to manage your finances in a way that ensures sufficient cash will be available when monthly repayments are due.
    So what am i saying : deprive it all this and see it run down- thought is good to share.
    Long live Zidisha family!

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Feb 19, 2013

    Hi to you all,
    I take this opportunity to wish all Lenders and Members of Zidisha good health and prosperity as we walk this journey; growing together in trust.
    I appreciate Zidisha, am humbled. Pray to our country as we go to ballot in 2 weeks time.

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  • adventurerneil    Feb 17, 2013

    Greetings lenders! My name is Neil DiMuccio, and I am a Client Relationship Manager with Zidisha in Kenya. I am currently visiting borrowers to learn more about them and support them with their Zidisha loans. It is my hope that this work will build bridges to better connection and understanding, and that Zidisha and its borrowers will increasingly grow, communicate, and support each other.

    I was lucky enough to meet Patrick Gacheru in his cybercafé in Ongata Rongai recently. I had heard great things about Patrick from fellow Zidisha worker Traci, and was very happy that I made the trip to visit him.

    Patrick very graciously hosted me and another new Zidisha borrower in his cyber café while I gave a New Borrower Orientation. Patrick was so friendly and helpful, with a professional demeanor and an obvious love of Zidisha, that at the end of the visit I asked Patrick to become a Community Organizer, or a trusted person that can assist other borrowers who have questions or problems. Community Organizers are vital to maintaining trust and communications, and Patrick was quite happy to accept.

    Thanks again for all the support Patrick, the Zidisha community welcomes you and supports you to the fullest!

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Feb 7, 2013

    Greetings to you all,
    Have been quite for sometimes but all is well. Seriously speaking January month has not been a good month business wise but am hoping from this month henceforth all will be well, and more so after all colleges around finalizes their intakes cos students are my main customers here . Am also ready to make my first repayment. Thank you once again for a noble course only based in trust.

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  • Brian    Dec 26, 2012

    Merry Christmas to you, Patrick, and may the new year be good for you and for your business.

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  • Patrick Gacheru    Dec 24, 2012

    Bells are ringing and everyone is singing ; it's Christmas!
    May it bring to you all the love and Good luck in this world.
    May the blessings of the Lord remain with you today and forevermore.
    I say thank you for your continued business partnership and support in growing my business

    Merry Christmas to you all and a prosperous fruitful New year!

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  • traciyoshiyama    Dec 7, 2012

    December 5, 2012

    Hello, my name is Traci Yoshiyama, Zidisha’s Kenya Client Relationship Manager. I am currently visiting Zidisha borrowers in and around Nairobi.

    Zidisha’s much talked about reputation in Kenya has reached the ears of people in the infamous town of Eldoret, making its way hundreds of miles south to the coast of Kenya. Within the past few months, news of this innovative microlending platform has spread like wildfire. Despite Kenya’s technology boom, information still reaches the households of many, especially in the various bucolic hometowns of our Zidisha borrowers, through hearsay. This is why it came as a surprise when Patrick Gacheru told me he stumbled upon Zidisha’s website by mere happenstance. Instantly intrigued, he joined Zidisha and soon after received his first loan.

    This modest cyber cafe, muddled amongst the countless businesses in Ongata Rongai, was opened five months ago. Although it has yet to reach its full fruition, Patrick’s shop is well stocked with five computers, a state of the art photo printer, a copy machine, and a newly acquired digital camera. With part of the Zidisha loan, Patrick purchased a secondhand camera, which has allowed him to provide a new service to his customers. At the back of his shop, blue and white fabric hang on the wall, acting as backdrops for taking passport photos. In addition to taking passport photos, Patrick used part of the loan to invest in becoming an M-PESA agent, expanding his services tenfold.

    Looking forward to being a lasting member of Zidisha, Patrick hopes to take out a second loan next year. He would like to purchase more computers and if proven to be successful, open other M-PESA outlets. Patrick also owns an unused plot of land upcountry that he would like to see turned into a farm, hoping to join the agricultural community and also provide employment opportunities for farmers.

    Having seen firsthand the possibilities gained through Zidisha and understanding the benefit of having access to interaction with his lenders, Patrick has been trying to introduce the organization to his fellow entrepreneurs. Still a progressive concept to many, and often times received with dubious critique, he would like to encourage others to embrace Zidisha and the advancements that technology can offer.

    View more pictures of my visit with Patrick at

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