Livestock farming

Moses Gama

Lusaka, Zambia

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Moses Gama

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April 2017

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About Me

As A Child, Times Were Rough Because I Was Brought Up By A Single Parent Who Struggled To Meet My Needs And Made Sure I Have A Good Education. I Did My Primary School At Best Baby Care School(private) In 2008 And Graduated With A Grade 7 School Certificate And Later On Went To Chainda Basic School From 2009-2010 Were I Graduated With A Grade 9 School Certificate As Well. Secondary School I Was At Lusaka High School(GRZ) From 2011-2013 And I Also Graduated With A Grade 12 School Certificate. I Am A Person Who Believes In Working Hard Cause I Know All Good Things Dont Come Easy I Have To Strive To Succeed. I Just Dont Sit Back I Convert My Business Ideas Into Opportunities To Make Life Easy For MySelf And Thats How I Overcome My Hardships. How I Got Inspired By My Mother And Thats How I Got Into This Venture. My Mother Used To Do The Same Business So I Happen To Learn Everything From Her So When She Stopped, I Took The Interest Of Starting It Again Cause I Didnt Have Alot Of Challenges Because Some Of The Resources Were Already Available Like Drinker's, Feeders And The Poultry Was Already Belt.I Started First With 100 Birds And With Her Guidance My Business Is Blossoming Cause Now I Keep Up To 250 Birds. I Live In A Business Friendly Area And My Business Is Standing Out And You Can Never Go Wrong With Food Business Cause People Eat On A Daily Basis And That Makes It Unique And Currently Am Single I Dont Have Any Children. Besides Doing Business, I Am Also An Artist Who Writes And Composes Music.Thats My Greatest Hobby And That Side Of My Career Is Blossoming As Well.

My Business

I Provide Chickens To My Community And Chickens Are On Demand Because People Need Food In Order To Survive So As A Result People Buy My Chickens. I Chose This Business Because I Had An Experience On How To Go About It And I Knew It Will Stand Out Because People Eat On A Daily Basis So Thats An Assurance That My Products Will Be Sold. My Typical Costs Add Up To 5000 For Me To Keep 350 Birds That Includes Feeding And Other Necessities. I Use My Profit For Reinvestment In Growing The Business.

Loan Proposal

From my Previous Loan, I had finished with the extension of my poultry there for Am Positive with this loan I will be able to order a bigger number of chicks, buy enough feed,More Feeders and Drinkers and all other necessities needed to keep my business going in order to meet my customers needs. I also intend to grow my business in other communities in my country In order to increase food supply and consumption as a way of combating poverty. I want to start supplying my chickens on a larger scale (out of town) so half of my profit will be used in the reinvestment of my business.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jun 24, 2019

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Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $5.03

Credit risk payment: $13.07



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