Loan for establishment of my own local oven project

Augustina Tabuaa

Berekum, Ghana

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Augustina Tabuaa

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July 2018

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About Me

Augustina is my name commonly known as obaa. I am currently working with my master whom I learned my trade with she is known a " Abiba. One of the best bread bakery in Berekum here. I schooled t Junior secondary school level by then now known a junior high school. I was born and raised at Kotaa. Kotaa is a village of Berekum it is about five miles away from the municipality Berekum. my parents moved in to their latest and newly built house at Berekum I moved in with the I am currently staying alone. I personally take care of all my needs from the little money I make from my wages I earn from my job. I used to go to Accra the capital city of Ghana to work for money to settle my debt.I was Currently my master has given me a room to use as accommodation to help me save towards building my own oven. Which has been my dream for a while.

My Business

Bread baking has been my profession after three years of learning this trade from one of the best bread bakery in this town Berekum. She gave all in her out to learn teach me this profit earning trade. I must confess she thought me very well. Even some people say I am a duplicate of her I mean my master. After learning this trade I went to Accra to work with there to generate enough money to establish my own traditional oven to start my own bakery. My dream did not eventually come to pass because they wages and salaries were not enough. This compelled me to come back and work. with my master who was always calling me on phone to come and work with her for wages larger than what I am earning in the city. She promised of food and accommodation in addition. I came home when we agreed on terms. I am eager to build an oven on my own to start my own business I want to use this organisation as my back bone of helping me get my own oven. This will help me multiply my income.

Loan Proposal

Having worked with with many professional bread bakers I have come to realise that it is very profitable if I build my own oven. I have started the project of building my own local oven with my previous loan. I want to continue with this project because if I establish my own oven and work for myself I can make much money to better my life and that of many others by teaching them the trade. Though I have all the skills in bread baking,because I do now own my own oven. I don't earn enough profit to care for my old my and dad carefully. I believe with my own local oven I can establish myself employ new workers and admit new people to teach the trade. I have worked on wage based salaries since I finished learning this profession. This is all due to lack of financial support. Not like government workers who can easily have access to loans from our local banks we traders suffer to raise loan. With this organisation I believe I will raise larger loan to help me establish my local oven to start my own bread baking company.





  • Julie    Nov 7, 2019

    Paid a total of $2.10 back in ten installments. Then nothing and no contact in the last six months.

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  • Margaret    Oct 1, 2019

    This was a large loan and very little effort was made to pay it back. I do not like to leave negative feedback but without accountability there would be no Zidisha.

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  • Johannes    Mar 18, 2019

    great, repaid on time

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Classic Loan

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Mar 26, 2019

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6 months

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Service fee: $15.57

Credit risk payment: $62.29



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Oct 8, 2019


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