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Samuel Duvi

Accra, Ghana

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Samuel Duvi

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February 2021

On-time repayments

11 installments  •  55%

About Me

my name is Samuel Duvi , i am from the Volta Region of Ghana. i am married with two children .i attended Accra Technical University where i successfully completed with a HIND in Agricultural Engineering .I worked with one of the closed banks in Ghana . since after the closures of the banks, i was at home doing nothing , and a good friend of mine introduced me to the importation of the clothing business that i am currently doing,this business is financially intensive , and so if you will like to venture into such business you will really need money to put into it. I use the little profit i make to help my family and the needy and the less privileged in our community .

My Business

i am into buying and selling of male and female dresses. i go to countries like Togo and Benin to purchase cloths and bring them to Ghana to sell.i have been in this business for sometime now , and i am in need of working capital to boost my business.As it is clear to speak that i was seriously affected during the lock dawn in Ghana.i heard use the capital i was having to take care of my family. now the good news is that we are out of lock-down now , and business has normalize, but i will need money to put into my business.

Loan Proposal

i buy and sell men and female clothing here in Accra, i am hereby applying for a loan to support my business , i have a lot of orders from my customers as per the type of cloths i should supply them, but i have not been able to do so due to my financial problem , so i am applying for a loan to repay back on time as i have always been doing .

Income Source

i will surely repay back my loan because i have put down a good measure on how to repay back my loan, the first one is that i will collect money from my personal savings to repay back in case of anything ,my family and friends are also their for me , so repayment will not be an issue in my you can see in my repay back history , i will surely repay back without hesitation .





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Mar 23, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $7.72

Credit risk payment: $23.30

Optional expediting fee: $15.45



Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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