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Racheal Miller

Happy Church, Nakuru, Kenya

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Racheal Miller

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January 2014

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About Me

Hello, my name is racheal miller msinzi. I come from a town in kenya called nakuru. Ive lived here all my life and i also work here.

I started my schooling in Harambee preparatory school, then proceeded to harambee primary and finished my high school at Menengai secondary. I also attended Amboselli institute college in nairobi to study hotel management and front office operations.

I also run a small bookshop and stationery supplies shop located in the shabab estate of nakuru where i reside.

My Business

I would like to ask for a zidisha loan that i can use towards the buying of more stock and also buying a printer. This would be more convenient for clients since they are always asking about the printing services when they n eed copies of receipts of their purchases and also any other documents. I believe acpuiring a printer would also diversify the goods and services offerred at the shop thus attracting more business.I want to position this business to be the prime place to obtain stationeries and also printing services. Seeing as there is a pre-primary school located nearby to my shop,i plan to be the one printing their writing and reading materials for the little kids to use in their early studies. Not to mention the crayons and pencils, rubbers, rulers and sharpeners that they use on a daily basis. And for the school, i will subsidise my prices if only to ensure the kids have quality reading and writing materials for their early education.

Loan Proposal

The loan advanced towards me will help in the acquisiton of a small printer. Preferably a 3 in 1 printer that can print, scan and also photocopy documents. In addition to the printer, i will also buy more stock for the bookshop, mostly crayons and coloring books that would be of interest to the pre-primary school that is located nearby. In advance, Thank you for the assistance.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 2, 2014

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5 weeks

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