Loan to buy car spare parts & accessories for my shop

Lucky Mbuvi
Ongata Rongai, Kenya
Invited By: Joshphat Njiru Nderi
Volunteer Mentor: Irene Njambi
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Disbursed Amount: $375.00
Date Disbursed: Sep 1, 2016
Repayment Status: Late
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 94 months
Cost of Loan: $18.76
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Service Fee: 5% of $375.00 = $18.76

About Me

Well, my childhood was much good having been born and brought up in town, though I knew little, I was taken to school just like any other child where I pursued my primary and secondary education.
Being the first born of three, I watched as my parents struggles to work and make every effort to feed and educate us. My mother was a civil servant and my dad was self employed and worked as a Mechanic. When i completed the secondary school, there was no much money to take me to a technical school. This is where my dad was so wise enough to introduce me to his career as a mechanic. I used to help my dad with his job and learn in depth the mechanical and operation of the entire automobile. While at my dad's work place, I gathered enough experience and my dad opened another Garage where I used to supervise and work in it. I came a time when my dad lastly gave me the full ownership of the new garage.
I was so happy renovated it to look well spacious and added some more work equipment. This is how i came to own a business. What is unique about the place i live is that people work hard and help one another.
My children would like to be well brought up and get educated to acquire skills to work. My unique hobby is preaching peace and educates youths to fit in the society. I also like traveling and swimming.
Thank you.

My Business

My business is simply offering services.
I offer Automobile repair and services. These are vehicles of different types and Tracters.These services are always on demand because every vehicle is a must to be given services mostly after covering a set of miles. On the other hand, normal wearing and tearing requires vehicles to be maintained and repaired.Thaus making my services an all time on demand.
I choose this business because it is the one I am so much conversant with and well experienced. This is besides giving me a huge profit to meet my expenses. My typical cost are the cost of buying car service products like oil, brake pads, oil filter, air cleaners and general spare parts for common vehicles like Toyota made.
Other costs are rent, security and transport of the spares. My profit usually goes towards reinvesting in my stock of service and spare parts. I use some other money to meet my personal expenses and helping my parents whenever they need my help.
Thank you.

Loan Proposal

Thank you, I am glad for yet another opportunity to move up in my business.
Once I get my next loan, i will concentrate with commonly asked spare parts and service needs in my business so I will buy; Suspension Bush, for public service vehicles at $39.00 and Assorted colors of Fog lights at $33.00. Also I will also buy V-ribbed Belts at $30.00, Spark plugs/Ignition distributors/systems at a cost of $35.00.On the list will be Gaskets/Thermostats at $45.00, springs/Dumpers at a cost of $25.00.I will also buy Axial/Ball joints at a cost of $38.00
Also I will buy Brake discs/ pads at $15.00 and oil/Air filters at $18.00.
More important is head lamp lenses at a cost of $25.00.
Also on the list was welding Rods and Battery cable terminal at $30.00 and $20.00.
These were commonly used items on daily basis that amount to highest of the profit that i get per day.
I again project my profit to hit USD 100.00 Per day up from 70.00.
I am humbled because this will be a great achievement to me and my business. My next plan still remains to open another service station to expand my business with another location. With the profit expected to increased, I will be able to repay your loan without any delay and feed my family. My children will be able to go to school, feed well and grow healthier. My parents will again benefit greatly with my progress and they will continue to afford putting food on the table with my help.I will also give back to the society through helping the needy in the children homes.
Am grateful to you lenders and Zidisha family
Thank you.

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Loan to buy car spare parts & accessories for my shop

Lucky Mbuvi
Ongata Rongai, Kenya

7% Repaid