Loan to buy more plastic bowls, spoons, and plates for sale

Lovina Amoah

Manheanaccra, Ghana

18% repaid



Lovina Amoah

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December 2014

On-time repayments

162 installments  •  17%

About Me

My name is lovina Amoah.. l am 23 years of old and not married.l am the first born in a family of four . l am from Accra in Ghana . My hobbies are reading books ,swimming ,dancing, and travelling
I grew up with four siblings and had to leave junior high school because both of my parents dead during motor accident .life became difficult for me and my other siblings . l tried to find job so that l could take care of my self and siblings but l was unable to find a job . l remained unemployed, Later, l decided to set up my own shop and my dream came to pass . l set this shop with the help from my friends and little money my poor parents left us.l established my own shop selling plate, plastic bowls , pan and so on . Owning my business has enabled me to earn a stable income of around GHS 160($50) a day, which has changed my life and help me to send my siblings to dream is that because l could not complete college ,l will help them to finish college.

My Business

I have set up my own small business shop.and l have been in a business for six years.
l sell plates, plastic bowls , pan and so on. I started this business when my parents dead and life became difficult for me. No job and no money to continue my education . and take care of my siblings. I have a very good customers who always buy from me
My business is profitable because I have so many customers so I sell more.I also have so many customers because my prices are normal. The risk of my business have been facing is lack of capital to expand my business and and take good care of my siblings and reinvest some of the profit into the business
. I am going to invest all the loan in the business so that my profit and income will increase in order for me to continue to support my siblings to go to school .
. I make at least , GHS 160($50) a day.
I will be paying the loan from the Profit I make .

Loan Proposal

l have a shop and l have been in a business for six years .l selling pan,plastic bowls, plate, spoons and so on.l used my first loan to add more stocks into my business and The loan boasted my business in a big way.
With the second loan, l would like to buy more plastic bowls pan , spoon and plate for sale.
The demand is still higher than what i have as stock which is denying me customers. The profits from the business will be used to take good care of my siblings and reinvest some into the business. l want the lenders to give me loan so that l will be able to keep up in business. .l want to expand my business and add more plates,pan, spoons ,bowls to my shop. l urge the lenders to fund me so that l expand the business to cater for my myself and siblings.. thank you Zidisha and all the lenders.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 21, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

34 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $4.68

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