Loan to buy new land and seeds for cultivation

Felicia Kwakye

Tetrefu, Ghana

2% repaid



Felicia Kwakye


Tetrefu, Ghana

On-time repayments

108 weekly installments  •  76%

About Me

About Me

I am Felicia kwakye. I am fair in colour. I am tall and little bit big of about five meters tall. I come from sawua of the bosomtwe district of the Ashanti region of Our mother land Ghana. Mr Kwame kwakye and Mrs Kwame kwakye is my parent. All my parents live at sawua in the same district. We are five in number and am the third among us. We found it difficult to live in the village. Gods intervention everything became successful for us. I had enough esperience whiles I was in school because I took my studies serious.
I schooled at sawua primary school from my childhood to adolescent stage. I was very brilliant and of good behavior so all my teachers really love me so much. With the little help things started changing for us. I then persued my education to the second circle level at Konongo odumase s.h.s. My performance continue to be good so I had an aggregate 10 after my final wacce exams.
I corrected some little amount of money from my bank to work. My husband and I sat down oneday to decide the future of our children. We sent our first born to the s.h.s. My first borne (Akua Kwakye comfort) is now at the Adu Gyamfi senior high school studying general science. And the second borne is the junior high school with the last borne in the house with us.
After I gained more profit from the harvested crops and the business I went ahead to buy a large farm and one was already prepared with the crops and vegetables in them. I like playing foot ball because i like it. My husband and i are living peacefully and enjoying since we have the support from our farm.

My Business

My Business
I provide sheep and goats to the nation. I provide farm crops such as yam, cassava, plantain, cocoyam, as well as vegetables. A lot of people need my food and animals because they are quality. They need my foodstuffs in high rate. I used $1000 to start my farming business. I used the money from the farm to look after my children in school.
My revenue is $1500 and so my net is $800 a month. This is expected to increase as when the demand for my service becomes high as i am anticipating.
having been in the industry for not that long as i am financially constrained.
I also have the intention of acquiring an additional land and buying in bulk agriculture products, fertilizers, seeds for cultivation for future usage as it price keeps increasing and to also show case (display) my products to the public.
I will be able repay my loan facility with the daily proceeds from my sales. I use some of the money to buy tomatoes seed, the amount of money that will be brought will relieved financial burden from my family. Loan proposal
also $50 for my husband for his school. also $50 for my school. Also $50 to buy weedicides. $5 to cutlass. $75 to purchase motorbike to help carry labours to the farm and return them after the days work. $10 to two holes to work. $15 to buy empty sacks to carry harvested products. $50 to buy shoes for my first born to go to school and church. $50 to some skirts to wear.

Loan Proposal

$20 for bicycle. $100 to hire labours. $52 to buy tree sheep, $500 to two goats, $50 to help develop my church, $45 to help the needy, $7 to my electricity bill, $2 to pay my monthly water bill, $40 to cooking items to be used by the family. $500 to cater for my children





  • Dean Suminski    Jun 28, 2017

    Congratulations on paying off your loan! Maybe I will get to eat some of your Cocoa in the form of chocolate.

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Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 25, 2017

Repayment status


Projected term

286 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $48.62

Credit risk payment: $97.40




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