Loan to buy new tyres for my taxi car

John Lembani

Lusaka, Zambia

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John Lembani

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September 2017

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91 installments  •  12%

About Me

My name is John Lembani am 26 years of age, am an entrepreneur whose profession is mechanics.i grew up with my grandmother and up bringing was very difficult because my granny was very old and had challenges in paying for school fees.I went Kanyama primary school were i completed primary school.I never went in my education due to none payments of school fees,Hence i had an uncle who was running a car workshop providing vehicle services to motorist involved in road accidents and those just wanting reconditioning of their their vehicles.However, due to passion i had as well i did train to become a mechanic.I was trained by my uncle.Today i have my own car workshop were i provide different services to motorist .In short thats how i became a mechanic obtained a certificate that allows me now to trade as mechanic.Zambia is a beautiful country that is rich in miniing and tourism industry that attracts tourist who visit zambia to from overseas to visit zambia.Zambia is peaceful and quiet country, i say so because zambia has recorded any civil wars.Except since independence due to greed politician zambia has struggled to become an economic power in southafrica.I wish my children to do well in their education and go to university and achieve more than i did in school.i love football both playing and watching team such Man U, Chelsea and Real Madrid respectively.

My Business

I provide mechanic services , i ran a car workshop and recondition vehicles and panel beat those involved in road accident and also recondition engine vehicles.The for car services to due high risk of accidents today in country . I receive a lot of vehicles and i work together with insurance companies that give business for vehicles insured by the insurance company.I generate good revenue due to the quality service we provide with helpers at our car workshop.After i generate some profits i use some to pay wages to my helper, weekly i generate ZMK 750 and over a month i maximize up to ZMK 3500. which is good income and reinvest some to my two kids for their school fees and also for the well being of the family..

Loan Proposal

i need to be assisted with $50 buy new tyre for my taxi, this will help me to work smoothly and avoid break downs which will help me generate more profits as transport is on demand on the daily basis.However, i will some profits to recondition the vehicle.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 13, 2018

Repayment status


Projected term

19 months




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