Loan to buy photocopy machine

Vicentia Anane

Akwatia, Ghana

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Vicentia Anane

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June 2019

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About Me

Vicentia Anane is my name. I come from Koforidua, the capital city of the Eastern Region of the republic of Ghana in West-Africa but I live in Akwatia, one of the prominent and fast developing towns in the same region. I am the fourth among five siblings and now married woman with three kids.
Smooth and continuous education was really unbearable for me since I was taken care of by a single parent (mother) who later on became a bedridden. This is as a result of broken home. Infact, I had to struggle in life to overcome the numerous consequences of a broken home to have a meaningful life. I had to combine petty trading and schooling to make an ends needs as well as to take care of my sick mother who used to be the pillar of my life since my elder siblings were unemployed. There were persistence influence and enticement from many unscrupulous male counterparts just to take undue advantage of my situation but I stood fair and firm to resist all those ungodly influences.
Through perseverance, I completed my basic education with better grades but couldn’t make it to the Senior High School due to financial burden. I had to pause my education for two consecutive years engaging in petty trading to save some few money for my education. I was enrolled into a secretarial school as a part-time student where I studied typing, office practice and computing and graduated also with a better grade. After so many years of graduation from a secretarial school I gained admission to one of the best universities in Ghana, that is, University of Cape Coast (U.C.C) to read Diploma in Management Studies which I graduated with second class upper division.
Currently, I am the owner and the general manager of K-Sam and Associate Company Ltd, a company that renders services in graphic designing, internet and secretarial services such as typesetting, photocopying, printing, brochures, booking binding, laminating and scanning of document etc. in Akwatia Opposite St. Dominic Hospital. I also run mobile money transaction business within the premises.

My Business

I am the owner and the general manager of K-Sam and Associate Company Ltd.,which is a registered limited liability company that renders services in graphic designing, secretarial services, internet services, printing and stationery as we as mobile money transaction service to the general public. I chose this kind of business because of my area of education.
Since Akwatia is one of the prominent and fast developing towns in the region and more over, my office is opposite the hospital. Because of the hospital, I use that as an advantage to setup these business. And God being on my side, the patronage is very good and sales revenue is USD510.00. Out of this sales revenue is USD295.00 take care of my expenses and USD215.00 is my profits. And I have been using my profit to reinvestment in the business.
With current trend of technological advancement, the business is becoming more lucrative that demands expansion in order to satisfy the needs of customers. Because of the above factors, there is a need for me to access a loan to purchase the following under listed modern equipment to satisfy that needs. The items include photocopiers, large format printer, risograph as well as computers.
Advance plan has been made for the inclusion of catering services in the form of snacks, popcorn and soft drinks because of high demands from my clients. Part of this loan, when granted, will be used to purchase a refrigerator and popcorn machine for that purpose. I would be highly appreciated if my load request is considered and I promise to pay back on time to the last pesewa to the amount. Thank you.

Loan Proposal

If I am given this loan, I use it to buy a photocopy machine which will enable me to satisfy my customer demand and also to accomplish some of my goals in the business.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 23, 2019

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $3.92

Credit risk payment: $7.98



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