Loan to cater for my spinal therapy at kenyatta hosipital

Dauglas Mwanga

Kawangware, Kenya

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Dauglas Mwanga

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November 2014

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About Me

I was born 30 years ago at a village in Western Kenya and went to school there. I grew up with a vision to be a career Journalist. While in Primary School, I ventured in poultry where I reared local breeds and sold both eggs and chicken to the teachers and neighbors.
When I sat for my KCPE, I scored good grades and joined high school where I also completed and later joined campus to pursue Journalism and Communication.
In 2009, I finally completed and joined a local radio station where I worked there as a presenter/Reporter for a whole year. I moved to a different local community Radio Station where I worked again for a year before leaving to join a monthly Education Magazine where I worked as a writer.
In January 2013, I left work as a writer to start my small Computer printing,typing, photo and Video Editing as well as photo copying.
within two months as an entrepreneur, I got a job at a Local College teaching Journalism as a part time lecturer.
Since then, my business continue to flourish day after the other. I now want to replace an editing Computer and employ one person from college as an intern so that i can improve efficiency of the business.

My Business

My business deals with copy typing, printing, photocopying, photo/passport taking /editing and Video editing. I
I realized many people in my neighborhood and in church are in need of video and photo coverage during their events.These events range from weddings, house warming, funerals, passports for students registering in schools/colleges. a part from that, my business is strategically positioned at a D.o/Chief's camp where many people come for services and mostly want photocopies of their documents. so it is easy to tap them.
I chose this kind of business because its part of my career and also because of the overwhelming demand of the above services within this locality. I get considerable profits which I save part of it for my son's future, and also part of it for purchase of accessories, stationary and maintenance, Rent, and other utility bills. I seek 60000 Kenya shillings to buy a modern computer that is compatible with modern editing software to edit clients videos and photos. It will also help me increase the number of interns to 2 where they will get enough resource to learn from. I will appreciate getting a loan to improve my business and empower others also as enshrined in our Kenyan Vision 2030.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders, Unfortunately the loan application expired without being fully funded, I truely appreciate those who offered their bids though it didn't materialize.But I urgently need this loan. Kindly help me raise this money as I really depend on it for my future. If the spinal wont be operated, then my life will be useless in the future, My family and my son depends on me, I have to be up in order to cater for them.
I appeal for your support as I need the money to cater for this therapy and operation. Kindly help me out and God will bless you. The day of operation has been rescheduled to Thursday 31st in the eve of the new year at KNH.Your support will be a new year gift to me that wont be deleted easily in my mind forever. God bless you in abundance.

The therapy is part of the medications that am undergoing to strengthen my back-born which was injured during the accident.My business a lone cannot cater for the bill, but with your support, I will get well.
How I will use the loan:
Scanning............ 25,000Kes
Therapy for 5days ........... 30,000 Kes
Other medication bills,........ 5000Kes
Total Hospital Bill required..........................60,000Kes
I hope to get 67254Kes-13500 = 53754Kes
The extra required I will get from my Business savings.
I will entirely depend on my business and my Job to repay the loan.I appreciate any support you will give towards my Spinal Check up and therapy.God bless you so much.






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Classic Loan

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Dec 31, 2015

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62 months

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Service fee: $27.94

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