Loan to establish a small-scale cassava processing unit

Stephen Appiah Karikari

Ahenbronoso, Berekum, Ghana

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Stephen Appiah Karikari

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October 2016

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About Me

I was born and live at ahenbronoso where we lacked access to education. my father who was a peasant farmer had to ride me on his bicycle several miles to nearby towns where school was available in other for me to have access to education. I completed God is King junior secondary school and passed my exams with distinction. I furthered my high school education at prempeh senior high school. I had to engage in petty selling and buying trading in other to ease the burden on my family to be able to pay for my fees and buy text books. bit by bit I completed my senior high education and passed my final exams. Now supporting my parents in the farm to raise enough funds for my university tuition. I have now acquired a two acre of land and have commenced my own farm. it wasn't easy at first where I had to wake up early sometimes as early as 4 am dawn to prepare for farm work. I had no means of transportation and I had to walk on foot before I could get to the farm. This was my justification for waking up early at dawn because I had start farm work before sun rise because farm work really becomes more difficult when the sun is up. Sometimes I don't go to my farm but instead visit other farmers farm and help them in their farm work. By doing this, they also in turn visit my farm and help me with most of the very difficult work that I can't do alone by myself. I have a vision of becoming a very educated agriculturist who can research into crops and knowing the best farm practices that will boost farm yields. most farmers in my community still rely on the old and archaic methods of farming which were passed on to them by their forefathers. these methods doesn't conform to the current state of the climate and hence always running at a loss since thier farm yields are way low. I always like to have a walk in the woods during my leisure time. I really enjoy the cool and calm nature of the woods with the sweet melodies sung by birds.

My Business

I am now engaged in marketing and selling farm produce including vegetables like tomatoes pepper okro, garden eggs and onions. I visit specific days assigned as market days in nearby towns and villages. vegetables are used daily in house hold food preparations. their daily consumption are always on the increase throughout the year due to the daily increase in human population. I studied this phenomenon for a while and decided to engage in vegetable production. its not that cumbersome to be involved in vegetable production compared to cereals and grains. moreover one does not need loys of acres of land to produce vegetables in other to make money out of them. a simple piece of land can yield so much vegetables with proper supervision, care, maintenance and correct farm practices. a vegetable like okro is very simple and easy to grow. it doesn't require much rainfall or watering and takes a shorter time to mature and harvest. The same can be said about pepper which be harvested even up to 2 to 3 years. pepper can be harvested either fresh or dried and hence there are no problems with rotting. now i am establishing a small cassava to gari processing unit which will help address the problem of cassava spoilage in my community.

Loan Proposal

i intend to use this loan to hire a piece of land and buy cement building blocks, plywoods, wooden boards and burnt bricks and metal nets. the land is $100, cement blocks $40, plywoods $20, wooden boards $20, burnt bricks $20 and metal nets $13. cassava processing is a very lucrative business with high profit returns.





  • Michael Bauschke    Jan 26, 2018

    Updated Informations about all developements... Best lending I had on zidisha in one year...

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    • Stephen Appiah Karikari    Jan 27, 2018

      Thanks Michael. I have been able to put my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur into fruition thanks to zidisha and wonderful lenders like yourself

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Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Jun 29, 2017

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On Time

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4 months

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Service fee: $5.95



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