Loan to expand my hairdressing business

Baah Joyce

Dormaa Ahenkro_ghana, Ghana

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Baah Joyce

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June 2016

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About Me

I was born in a small town called Aboabo near Dormaa Ahenkro.I completed Junior high school but could not continue because the family at the time had no money to sponsor.Mum was a petty trader who hard a small backyard garden to support feeding of the family. Dad intended to farm but farming as we know is capital intensive. Even though he started, the size of the cocoa farm he could work on and as compared to the total number of us in the farmily could not take care of us properly. Two of the sisters were fortunate to have gone through Senior High School because by then things were a little bit better off because the cocoa had started producing something. After Junior High School,I decided to go into apprenticeship so I learnt hair do. God willing I was able to establish myself with a double store,one for the hairdressing and the other for cosmetics out of the savings I made when I started my job. Dormaa Ahenkro is business centre for which the main source of livelihood of the populace is based on poultry, that is rearing of chicken to produce eggs to sell on a large scale that makes the Municipality unique. I have two children, the senior boy has just entered Senior High School. The girl is just two years of age and attending nursery school. It is my dream to have all of them go through formal education up to the level they desire so that they will be useful to the society at large. I personally love to read as a hobby, I love watching movies a lot.

My Business

I have been into the hairdressing for about nine years now. I sell cosmetics and in the other part of my store whilst I do the hair dressing in the other where I have decorated nicely to welcome customers and to dress their hair for them. Dormaa Ahenkro is a Municipal which is dominated with a lot of government employees and poultry farmers. Business is most encouraging when one has a reasonable capital. I chose to go into hairdressing because I could not continue my education the level I wanted it and that was the most lucrative business in town. I entered into this business with few of the Ghana CEDI's and l make daily sales of about GHS80 to GHS100 a day both from the sale of items from the cosmetics store and from the hairdressing. I use part of the profits I rsise to pay school fees and some to keep the business running. The remaining which is the excess is used to feed the family.

Loan Proposal

I will buy twenty human hair$36, one extra hair dryer, $56, Tonging maching, $39, hair rollers, $35, three boxes of hair creams, $32, thirty pieces of artificial finger nails , $34.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 6, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

12 months



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