Loan to purchase fertilizer for my rice farm

Antonina Gachiani

Langata, Kenya

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Antonina Gachiani

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August 2015

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About Me

I am Antonina Gachiani. I was born in Mwea Township, kirinyaga County, Kenya. I took my primary school education and high school in the same county. I then did my college studies in Agri-Business at Egerton University, Nairobi Campus. I finished my course then started farming on the little land I was allotted by my dad. I raised my first capital from an informal job I had done immediately after college. Agriculture is an important part of the Kenyan Economy and culture. Every community practices some form of agriculture. Domestic agriculture is the major source of food in the country. While I love the general practice of agriculture, I also have passion in business management and this is good for my area of practice.

My Business

In Mwea kirinyaga County, Rice farming is a major economic activity. I plant Rice for sale on one acre piece of land. Its an incredible occupation both in business and food supply. Food is always on demand and I also have a passion for agriculture, coming from a culture that values hard work and production. I harvest averagely 24 gunny bags of Rice per acre, each of which I sell between Ksh.5000 (USD.50) and Ksh.7000 (USD.70). I spend Ksh.25,000 (USD.250) per acre from planting to harvesting. The acre makes approximately Ksh.95,000 (USD.950) to Ksh. 143000 (USD 1430) NB: This is the total that i get after 5 months (This is how long the rice takes to grow ).In future i intend to rent around 5acres piece hence increase my returns. I save some of the profits I make, some spend on my children's fees and other investments.

Loan Proposal

I intend to purchase 3 containers of "Super Grow Wonders Fertilizer", which goes at Ksh.5000 (USD.50) per 5 litre container. I will add some of my savings to the loan given to be able to buy the three containers. This fertilizer will bolster production quantity of my rice farm. It will increase the quotient of commercially viable rice from the harvested rice. This is to ensure optimization of production from the already available size of land. This is to increase profit. Since i waste a significant amount of gunny bags of rice due to variance in quality of harvested produce, fertilizer can ensure that the quality is evened out so that the largest fraction possible is commercially viable. This is to reek in an approximate extra Ksh.10,000 (USD.100) profit per acre. The loan will be of significant help and I will highly appreciate assistance offered.






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Sep 23, 2015

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: $8.26

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