Loan to start a sports center

Ruth Oguwi

Allego, Kenya

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Ruth Oguwi

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June 2016

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About Me

Hi everyone, i am Ruth Oguwi born in Nyanza in area popularly known as Alego in Siaya district. I attended my primary school in the village but was unfortunate not to finish due to my parents background. I come from a humble background where we struggle to make ends meet.I have lived most of my life without my parents this meant that i had to struggle on my own to survive. Most of thr times i used to prepare farms for people anf i get paid on a daily basis. Those days it was usually a wage of 0.7USD nowadays people get paid 1USD to 2USD. I did this for a long time in the village with the advantage of nit paying rent as i was living in our homeland. It came a time when i decided to venture into something different and this is when i got an opportunity to become a maid in one of the able homes. I have been working as a maid for more than 10 years now and this is what gave me thr chance to buy one of my cows after saving for quite a while because i staying where i was working and food and shelter provided. So had the chance to save after being paid.It is now that i have heard about Zidisha and thought about making my business grow as i usually buy thrn sell at a profit but just what my funds allow me to.

My Business

I am in the livsetock business. I buy livestock from the market at a certain price and sell at a profit. I started a while a go buying one little calf @50USD and sold it later on after 2yrs @160USD.Then i thought to myself what if i could be buying them and sell them to the market over a short period of time? Then another thought came as an answer to myself that i would need a bigger capital to buy a couple of them so that when i take them to the market i would make sensible profits. Those were the days when livestock was fair price, but now with the growing economy everything has shot up. A calf i bought a while ago @50USD is now 12USD. This is what i do, in accordance to the funds i get. I wait until the lowest season arrives this is when livestock prices have gone down and this is usually January. Then later on dhring the high seasons take them to the market. I usually make some profits but of course not comparable to when i would be having them in large numbers.However after coming to know about Zidisha my hopes of doing it big in this business has really grown because it really means something to me and i know everything is possible. My target is to be taking around 10 cows to the market at a go which am targeting to buy @150USD each and later sell at @180USD so that would mean i would need 1500USD to see my dream come true and that would be really good for my business, with the hope of becoming livestock distributor around my area so that all those brokers who go to the market would just come to me and buy from me at wholesale and sale them at retail in the market.

Loan Proposal

Hi lenders, I am applying for this loan so as to raise a sports center whereby people will be coming to watch the live matches from all over the world. I want to take advantage of the DSTV offer and purchase it while it's still affordable. They have a reduced their prices by 50% and I think it's a great opportunity for me to venture into the business. The current price goes at 14000KES from 33000KES. I will also have to pay the hall from which clients will be watching from, the rent will cost me around 5000KES plus another 5000KES for the deposit. I will also but a 32' LED TV at a cost of around 20000KES for a second hand one but good quality. The total will amount to; 14,000
I am really looking forward to start this business as the year begins I also want to have something new running to boost my incomes.





  • Margaret    Nov 23, 2018

    Ruth has not made any payments towards her loan in over a year.

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Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 13, 2017

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Projected term

21 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $18.52

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