Loan to start up a blog for my clothes designs

Jemimah Alego

Nakuru, Kenya

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Jemimah Alego

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January 2015

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About Me

i come from a family of four .I have an identical twin-sister who also shares a last name with me.We both went to the same primary school which is Nakuru Primary school.We also managed to achieve eerie similar results in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.Thus we both enrolled in Nakuru high school.So from a young age Ive always felt there was a way I had to prove my uniqueness away from my twin sister,and that is why I decided to be a fashion blogger and designer.I'm a fashion designer creating a blog...that sounds like a common thing,but not where I'm from.,Ive already come up with a few designs of how I would like my blog to work.I believe this is an idea that would work very well here in Kenya since there are many fashion designers here in Kenya and not very many blogs ... but I current don't have the funds to pay for a domain name that would give me a small website to put my blog on..Also ill use the blog to sell my unique cloth designs and hopefully to use advertisements.On weekends ,I love hitch-hiking with family and friends.

My Business

So far my main source of income is the cash get from selling my designs to some of the so-called celebrities in our land .We all know celebrities love setting trends and Id like to use this avenue even more.I also get funds from being a judge in fashion galas that have become very common since our country got devolved and started having provincial pageants .My parents are also very supportive whenever they can.My cloth designs sell because I like taking risks as cliche as that might sound .Thus my designs are deemed better by more and get bought by more.This loan could certainly help with improving skills through online classes or videos and paying for a domain name.

Loan Proposal

I hope to use the loan to enroll in some advanced online classes in designs for 12.5$ currently.I also hope to use this loan to pay for the domain name of my website at 20$ .Apart from that Id like to ideally use the remaining part to buy a small phone with which to be always online on my blog






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Classic Loan

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Jan 20, 2015

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6 weeks

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