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Godfrey Kimathi

Meru, Kenya

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Godfrey Kimathi

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December 2014

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About Me

My name is Godfrey Kimathi Mburung'a. I was born on 11th September 1985. I was 6 years old when i started my primary education at Kianthumbi Primary School where i completed my primary education in 2002.I then joined Ontulili High School in 2003 for my high school education and completed my Kenya Secondary Certificate Education 2006.
The main hardship i have encountered after completing high school is the raising of capital to start my agribusiness which was about $500.00 (apr. 43,000 KES), that includes the cost of putting up the farm structures and acquiring one dairy cow,a heifer.
The idea came to me when i needed money for upkeep,the farm needed organic fertilizer which would be readily available if i had kept a dairy cow. I started milking the cow after its first calving. I sold the milk daily to get income, thereafter it has developed into a small scale agribusiness which i intend to expand after acquiring the capital.
My home place has a cool and wet climate which is best for dairy farming. Animal fodder is readily grown in our farm.
I want my children to get quality education and have all the resources to see them succeed in life.
In my past time i like reading books on business including agribusiness,business and entrepreneurship articles.

My Business

I have one employee who takes care of my dairy cows, paid about $75.00 per month. I also sell milk,organic manure and bred dairy calves.
The services are useful because offer a permanent employment to my employee. The goods are on high demand such as organic manure is on high demand on the planting season.milk is always on demand in my area,therefore the goods and services are useful.
I chose this business because i had a passion and a lot of curiosity for agribusiness,the climate favored the business too. i am also animal-husbandry.
Monthly i spend about $120.00 on food,veterinary costs and structure maintenance. The costs increase as the number of cows increase.
I reinvest part of my profits in my growing business. I also use the other part in home improvements .s

Loan Proposal

On acquiring the loan,i expect to buy another heifer calf of about $71.54. I will then use $12.45 to to put up a farm structure to house the calf.about $10.00 will be used for maintenance and veterinary purposes.
This will in turn increase the output of organic manure by 25%. This will thereby increase my profits in the sales of organic manure. After 14 months,that is the first calving,my milk production will also increase thereby increasing the milk output and thereby increasing income.i expect thereby my profit to increase by an approximate of 26.7%.






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Classic Loan

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Dec 26, 2014

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On Time

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4 months

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Lender interest: $100.18 at 3.30% annual rate over 4 months = $1.29

Service fee: $1.44


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