Loan to upgrade and increase my clothes production

Rebecca Affum

Berekum Kato, Ghana

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Rebecca Affum

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July 2015

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About Me

My name is Rebecca Affum and am 32 years old. I started schooling in Dunkwa-on-offin, Zoin no. 2 Primary school. I was brought to the Capital city of Ghana to further my education but things didn't move on well as expected. My parents relocated from Dunkwa-on-offin which is in the central Region of Ghana which basically in theCentral Region . I finished my Junior high school there in which l was left alone to face the world.
I thought of going into the sale of used dresses . I earn a lot .which really help cover much of my expenses. I usually take the dress to friends who are into sowing to help me the fress in good shape and size .From observations l noticed l was using alot of funds.I decicided to develop instrest ,so l started small atyached to a friend when l need assistance withoout any formal training.

Currently I am a single mother with one child who is schooling now. I love her so much.

My Business

Well as I said earlier on I have the passion for dressmaking. My mother has a sowing machine so that's what I started using I'm my business. I was making some new dresses from the second hand clothing. I realise I can make it a big time business if I have a formal training. My child's father supported in my schooling as a professional dressmaker. After schooling I started make dresses and I was making money but it got to a point where I want to expand my business, things became difficult. I use to sell my products outside the country normally to the United States. This became worse when my husband divorced me. I have been able to build up a working capital for about $2000, I have a large demand but the raw materials to deliver is my challenge. Thank you

Loan Proposal

Thank you my lovely lenders for your support and timely help. I was able to buy my raw materials and my first production to the USA was produced and sent. i so excited working with you guys. I still need a loan for about $10000.00, for the expansion of my business. There are more demand of my clothes in The United States but the financing is a challenge. Will us about 70% of the loan to buy more raw materials for my production and the remaining 30% to clare my outstanding utility bills at my work place. If am able to raise this loan I will be able to increase my profit to about 80% and also take good care of my daughter for her to have a better and quality education. My costumer based has increased now so I have employed one person to help me carry out the work at my shop. I have been able to register my company now. Thank you lenders in advance






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Apr 29, 2016

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On Time

Projected term

5 months

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Service fee: $9.37



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