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Simon Onyango

Ngong, Kenya

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Simon Onyango

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February 2016

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About Me

My Name is Simon from Kenya a Country found in East Africa. Being a medic is not easy and as I do my Masters, I want to increase my knowledge and skills so I can help mankind even more.

I understand the task a head and being a farther and a husband, I must multi task in order to make it through.

I believe I can make it and the sky is the limit.
Having toiled to go through the steps of Education, I must prove to the world that nomater where you come from, you can still make it in life.
I come from a polygamous family where my mother is the first wife and so getting the attention needed was not easy.

I could work in people's farms in order to raise School fees and Sometimes could go to Class hungry with no shoes...but thank I am doing a Masters degree...a miracle.

My Business

I am a part time lecturer as well as being a researcher. I also do locum in different hospitals to earn a living as a clinician.

I enjoy doing my job hence the zeal to earn more through advancing in my education.

With your help I can go far. The economy is not favourable hence the need to raise a living through thick and thin. This invoves working in different Colleges and health institutions.

Project Proposal

Want to increase the capacity of my business by creating a website which will empower customers in accessing Insurance services





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Jul 3, 2022

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Service fee: $4.48


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