Maize and cereal products to sell

William Nzai
Mtwapa, Kenya
Invited By: John Mwadeghu
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Volunteer Mentor: Mwania Makau

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Amount Requested: $454.00
Still Needed: $351.00
Application Expires: Apr 29, 2017
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 10 months
Cost of Loan: $22.53
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About Me

I was born sagalla location Voi division Taita Taveta district . I started my education in sagalla pre and primary year 1994 to 2003 then join in Mwakichuchu high school 2004 to 2007. After that I started keeping some poultry and growing vegetables and maize in the farm .The business is challenge cos I depends on rain and sometimes rain fell and in poultry foods is hard to get and also needs medication time to time. The land fertile . My children would to be an agricultural officers. My hobby in pastime was visiting farmers

My Business

In farm i provide maize and cereals also eggs; chickens for sells.
These goods are useful because the entire community depends on improving health and these are goods are our bodybuilding.
This business does not require alot of high skilled labour and does not need many people to operate .
Typical costs and revenue through selling my goods
Profits used to pay schools fees of children;growing business and invest for later use

Loan Proposal

in that i will buy fertilizer which will cost 111dollars;also buy insecticides 55 dollars,pay the tractor to cultivate land 155 dollars .also pay who will help me in farm 29 dollars . 99 dollars for transport of products and materials needed in farm. there will be big benefits because the more quality materials used the high quality products will be produced in farm. its my believe that the profit will good like twice times of the given loan

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Maize and cereal products to sell

William Nzai
Mtwapa, Kenya

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