Maize cultivation

Gift Sakala

Kabwe, Zambia

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Gift Sakala

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February 2021

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About Me

Hi my name is Gift Sakala I am 27 years old married with 2 sons. I live in kabwe and I have a farm there. I am a hard working farmer and I make sure my inputs efforts never go to worst so am always there supervising and working with my workers at the farm.

My Business

I am a a farmer I mostly grow maize and various vegetables on the farm. Currently I am just cultivating maize and the other vegetables were cultivated on a small scale just for consultation. I sell the maize to the Food Reserve agency and supply them in bulk usually about a thousand bags.

Loan Proposal

My maize about knee level and it needs some fertilizer so as the growth is stabilised and also I I need to get some insecticide for the crops. Therefore with this loan I need to buy some bags of fertilizer and also a container of insecticide which I will use to spray around the crops to promote healthy growth of my plants and it is with my hope that I will buy these items with this loan.

Income Source

I will use my sells Income to repay this loan as maize I a staple food here in Zambia so it's always on demand,I sell fresh maize and also dried one which is formulated to meali meal






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Feb 18, 2021

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On Time

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1 week

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Service fee: $2.13

Credit risk payment: $5.56



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