Money to build a classroom

Linet Atieno

Mariwa, Kenya

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Linet Atieno

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January 2015

On-time repayments

262 installments  •  59%

About Me

Am a mother seven four boys and three girls,I have lived in Mariwa Village for the past 30years and am not intending to move any time soon my last born son is studying law at Mount Kenya University two of my sons are in the Army and my other son is a business man,all my three daughters are teachers I guess they took after their mother,am a Diploma holder in Education Arts and I own a Nursery and Prue-primary school here at Mariwa,during my free time I offer guidance and counseling at our local Church and I also sing in the Church Choir.I started my business after noticing the importance of education in our village since i understand that the root of education is what determines the quality of education and in my village most parents did not understand the importance of early childhood education so I started the Nursery school with an aim to better the standard of education in our village.

My Business

My business involve managing a school where I and my staff we teach children who are starting school these are aged 3years and above for baby class is 3years to 4years and then Nursery is 4years to 5years then is Prue-Unit that is 5years to 6years,then from there we graduate them to early Primary that is from class 1-3,in my School I have five teachers and two cleaners and one secretary so in total I have 8staff members,business is good since the community appreciates our work and they are very co-operative

Loan Proposal

I need an amount of Ksh56,500 equivalent to USD 560 with this amount I will buy building materials like sand,gravel and iron sheet (mabati) that I will use to build one more classroom in my school this will be helpful indeed for my children will have more space to learn and they won't be conjested in class,I will get more children and also maintain the ones I have and the children will get better grades with their performance at school and also I will make more money to save and repay my loan well thanks.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 16, 2017

Repayment status


Projected term

37 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $23.49




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  • Wendy Emlyn    Jul 20, 2018

    Hello Linet,
    are you able to make any more payments yet please?
    God bless you,

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    • Linet Atieno    Jan 5, 2020

      Sorry for the late response things got so tough with my family and business I suffered major financial set backs hope to recover soon thanks for the concern I really appreciate I'll do my best to continue with repayments.

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  • Linet Atieno    May 29, 2018

    Dear lenders I've been currently occupied by burrial preparations for my step Dad sorry I haven't been communicating frequently soon it will be over and life get back rolling smoothly thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Mar 15, 2018

    Things are getting better for us Kenyans thanks to God for helping our political leaders see some sense.

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  • Linet Atieno    Feb 18, 2018

    I would like to reduce my repayment for two weeks then I bounce back again to my normal high repayment thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Feb 18, 2018

    I thank Zidisha community very much I was able to start my construction of classrooms and am very happy thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Jan 28, 2018

    I am happy and thankful with Zidisha I managed to build my classroom block and am very happy God is good.

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  • Linet Atieno    Jan 11, 2018

    Dear lenders am glad I joined Zidisha it has allowed me to build a classroom for my pupils that was one task I wouldn't have managed thank you and may God bless the organization.

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    • Wendy Emlyn    Jan 13, 2018

      It's great to hear everything is going as planned - glad we could help.
      God bless you,

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  • Linet Atieno    Dec 27, 2017

    Dear Zidisha community,am glad Christmas was a success to all of us christians it was good and our holidays was fabulous praise be to God.

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  • Linet Atieno    Nov 14, 2017

    Dear lenders am glad to be a borrower at Zidisha for the organization has truly transformed my life and business.

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  • Linet Atieno    Sep 27, 2017

    Zidisha has been a game changer to me and my business their soft loans have been very helpful to me am glad am a member.

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  • Linet Atieno    Aug 15, 2017

    I thank God the elections were free and fair we got the results though not everyone was satisfied,we as a nation are determined to move on and that is good for business and our economy when schools reopen I maintain a silent prayer that peace shall prevail please pray for us Kenya.

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  • Linet Atieno    Jun 15, 2017

    Dear lenders am happy to be posting for life has been good for my family and business I thank God for everything.

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  • Linet Atieno    May 22, 2017

    Thank you Zidisha community and all the kind lenders for the generous support you've shown me ever since joining Zidisha I promise to keep working hard and never to disappoint in my repayment thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Mar 25, 2017

    Buiding materials

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  • Linet Atieno    Mar 25, 2017

    Dear lenders thanks for the loan construction for the classrooms is underway may God bless you abundantly.

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  • Linet Atieno    Mar 22, 2017

    I am thankful to Zidisha my business is running smoothly and so I've decided to increase my repayment to a higher amount of 1000 KES thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Jan 27, 2017

    Dear lenders am grateful for the loan awarded to me i bought building materials and now am on a tight budget for that reason I wish to reduce my repayment to a lower rate for two months then I will bounce back thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Jan 12, 2017

    Thank you lenders for the fund I will send pictures of building materials soon enough God bless.

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  • George Owuor    Jan 12, 2017

    Dear lenders please help Linet get the 100% full funding in good time for she is such a hard-working and an honest entrepreneur in loan repayment thanks.

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  • Linet Atieno    Jan 12, 2017

    Thank you very much dear lenders am so happy with my loan progress soo far soo good I believe it will be at 100%in no time.

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