More accessories (powerbanks and batteries) for my workshop

Maurice Ochieng

Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

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Maurice Ochieng

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February 2015

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About Me

Am 35 yrs kenyan born citizen from siaya county having taken my childhood primary from that locality from 1986 to 1993.Went for my secondary education from 1994 to 1997 in Nandi county.In 1999 i joined a college in Kisumu county for a diploma in electrical engineering power option.later went to look for a job that never came to be.i started a small scale business under the electronics repair in 2004,but due to global change in digital generation i had to change my carrier from radio/tv repairs to do studies on mobile telephony field of repair this led me to start a mobile phone accessories sale that led me to do hardware repairs.but because of high technology growth i intent to start doing software on same field.but financial constrains has led to decline or be slow change in this field of repairs.
In my land or rather culture i am in,that's in nairobi county bussiness is the order of the day.thus it has made more people to come from all corners of the world to venture.
My son would like to like father.A businessman in imports of electronics spares.still young but determined.
My hobby is watching football but playing candy crash my phone is my pastime activity.
If i get this loan it will help me boost my business in buying software machines.

My Business

My business is called moriphatech electronics which deals with both repairs and sales of mobile phone accessories.
Soon im intending to start a software inconjunction with the later to boost this field of communication.In this business(hardware)i deal with replacements of phone screens,touch,microphone ,earpiece,ringers, of chargers,batteries,handfrees,memory cards,flipcovers,screen guards,usb cables among others.
These goods are in high demand because almost 60 % of the population own mobile phones thus need of repairs or replacements of faulty parts.
l chose this business because its fast moving and technology changes almost daily.
The typical cost of this business is very high but i started with as little as 50,000khs because to start this business alot of machinery,spares and suppliers is required.
Most of my profit i use facilitate the expansion of this business and saving for the future of their education

Loan Proposal

My dear lenders, as I apply for this loan of 54159 KES I would like to purchase power banks worth $265 and mobile phone batteries of the same amount.
With the purchase of above items,I would be able to minimise much time I use when searching for the said accessories thanks to online purchases from China. This will also help me get much profit than buying from the local outlets within the country (Kenya).An added advantage is that I will be able to import genuine items with warranty than buying locally.
I expect my profit margins to be higher than normal because of buying in bulk outside the country.And now that I have built the trust with customers,I expect them to come in large numbers.
I'm eagerly waiting for your positive response towards my loan proposal.thanks in advance






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Classic Loan

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Dec 29, 2015

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On Time

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4 months

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Service fee: $22.49

Maurice opted to pay $112.11 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.




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May 15, 2016


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