More building materials to finish house

Silas Meleki

Mufulira, Zambia

15% repaid



Silas Meleki


Mufulira, Zambia

On-time repayments

34 weekly installments  •  65%

About Me

My name is Silas. I grew up in the mine area in mufulira, zambia. My father was working in the mine just like my friends i played with from childhood. I went to school but didnt have so much interest i used to admire to become a mine operator driving those big vehicles that go underground. There are very few kids in my area who concentrated at school most of us wanted to work in the mine like our parents. Unfortunately my father died and my mother was sick and now life was even hard. One day when i was 18 my friends father needed people to carry cement at a house where he was building thats how come i got interest and become a bricklayer up to now. I started making some money and could buy food for my mother and my little sister. I offer brcklaying service it gives me some money, when am not hired i make pavers and people buy them. People in my area have a culture of helping each other so that at last the community can become better. My hobby is singing, so i enjoy singing even when working alone.

My Business

I am a bricklayer i offer building service and i also make anything concrete i like working with my hands, i like making pavers and any shapes. Most people want houses now, most people in my area want to own their houses so there is a competition to build so my service is needed everyday.Sometimes am hired by 4 different people for building projects. I chose this business because i like making money while dirty i enjoy it very much, I didnt finish school so i cant do a office job. I spent on cement when making pavers and also quarry dust. I design different shapes but very strong and people buy. Sometimes i make K5,000 in one week. when i make profit i buy food at home, i keep some money then when i have another job i use some.

Loan Proposal

Thank you to Zidisha. Am bricklayer and I need loan to help me buy building materials to finish house which I want to put on rent to help support my business and family. Am happy to be helped by Zidisha.

Income Source

The main i do is building houses for people. I am bricklayer and I have two helpers. I make some money from this business it's only that's sometimes payment delay but I will sure to pay back loan. I promise to pay back.

My Videos

Mar 31, 2021: Building materials





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 1, 2021

Repayment status


Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: 5% of $978.90 = $65.97

Credit risk payment: $264.07

Optional expediting fee: $132.00



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