Joel Onyango

Nakuru, Kenya

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Joel Onyango

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December 2013

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150 installments  •  50%

About Me

I am a Kenyan Citizen currently living in the county of Nakuru. I am an averagely educated person with at least a masters degree. One thing that i can tell members in this zidisha platform is that education is not everything. Honestly if education could automatically bring riches i would be!. I have come to believe that business is the shortest way to be come self reliant and grow to greater heights of your life time. I therefore decided to venture into business of my dream and a can boldly state that it is amazing. I therefore had about zidisha from a friend and i did not think much about it before i could join because i out rightly knew that it was all i needed to take my business to the next level. the most important thing now is to ensure that all the monies realised from this platform is utilised appropriately to promote the vision and mission of the zidisha fund or scheme. I am looking forward to remain cooperative and help myself grow grow and grow. Yes, you and me we can. thank you

My Business

I am in grocery type of business. i deal with a lot of grains as the major good component i trade in. the business is based in the Nakuru sub-a bub next to section 58 near kabachia. This area has got a good catchment area of majorly middle income earners hence the viability of the area. I started this business in the year 2010 and since then i have never found myself regretting. My motivation is comprised of the increasing need for food customization in our current society. Most people are now coming to reality with the fact that grains-stuffs and vegetables are the most healthy foods compared to flesh. This has made most families to revert to the consumption of more of natural food-stiffs. The business is doing well with my own assessment. My total sales for a bad month is about kshs37000, out of this, i fund an expenditure of kshs22000 thereby leaving me with kshs15000 as my net profit. Given the zidisha loan, i am convinced that my business will climb to another higher level since i am aiming at starting door to door delivery besides opening other outlet shops in other parts of Nakuru. I strongly believe that i am capable of repaying the amount of loan allocated to me within the scheduled installments. Thanks again to Zidisha as I wait to positively benefit from this scheme together with others.

In the recent past, following my business expansion plans, i have managed to acquire a laptop and currently doing a lot of online writing and academic consultancy services. I have managed to increase my earnings tremendously.

Loan Proposal

My business requires additional funding to enhance its operations. Given this loan, i will be able to improve my stock base by acquiring more stock of grains including more of quality rice, lentils, green grams, beans, maize and maize flour that is both no 1 and no 2, enriched baby porridge flour and such stuff to adequately cater for my ever growing clientele. I am also planning to add more goods by introducing even fruits and other related vegetables just to ensure i cater for the larger needs of my customers.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Dec 30, 2013

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $50.19 at 8.00% annual rate over 2 months = $0.69

Service fee: $0.31




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Culemborg, Netherlands

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