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Edina Kioko

Nairobi, Kenya

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Edina Kioko

Member since

May 2015

On-time repayments

71 installments  •  65%

About Me

I grew up in Nairobi but was in boarding school for most the time. My primary school toughened me up for my future. Very strict and displine oriented. Secondary school was in a different part of Kenya and made it even more exciting for me because I was able to visit and interact with people from another culture.
Even though I did not have a job I saved the money my husband would give me and I started buying second hand clothes. Just started with a few pieces then after they were sold out I reinvested the profit.
People are very friendly and caring in the environment I live in. Am able to interact with them in there homes as I sell my clothes. I also sell my clothes online through Facebook making use of the online market.
Interesting thing is that my children want to be a doctor and a pilot once they grow up. No one wants to be a business person like me which I find amazing.
I like cleaning. I find washing clothes and cleaning were I live relaxing

My Business

I started my business 2 years and 4 months ago. I started it with a capital of 10 000ksh Which I got from savings acquired through the pocket money my husband gave me from time to time. Getting a job was proving to be difficult and need of an extra income was increasing. My small children were starting school and my husband needed a hand.
I started by buying second hand clothes for children and after selling the stock to my friends and relative I got some profit which I put back in to the business.
I now have moved to buying and selling new clothes. The business is good but I need to add the stock to open a shop because I am currently operating from home.

Loan Proposal

I will buy 5new blouses for 5dollars to add to my stock for my business so that I can grow it. ì will sell the 5 blouses for 8 dollars each and reinvest the profit in my business.





  • Margaret    Apr 9, 2017

    Edina paid her loan off perfectly and was a pleasure to work with.

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Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 13, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

8 weeks

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Service fee: $0.91




United States

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