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Simple Ng'ang'a

Syokimau, Kenya

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Simple Ng'ang'a

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September 2018

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About Me

My name is Simple Simon Macharia, an IT guy with great interest in agriculture. I am passionate about technology and agriculture. 12 years ago, I realised that my salary is not the way to financial independence and decided to venture into business. I started off with a small cyber cafe and computer repair business where i employed 2 people. A few years later, was able to venture into distributing internet service via wireless networks. I ran the business for around 7 years while still attending college but later sold the business to fund college and restrategise after the birth of my first son. I also got a full time job in a small telecommunications company but the desire to be in business still consumed me.I then decided to venture into farming with a focus on poultry keeping after realising the huge deficiency in supply of eggs and meat presented a business oportunity.

My Business

I have a full time job as a network engineer but my business is farming. I have a small farm in Embu, Kenya where I keep a few goats and cows, grow sunflower and raise chicken. I currently have 650 layers and looking to grow the number to 2000 by end of the year. In addition to the layers, i have about 35 goats and 4 cows under the care of 2 hired farmhands. Due to the huge demand for eggs, i buy eggs from other farmers to add to the 120 trays of eggs that we produce in a week. I currently sell 300 trays a week and the demand is still high so i still need to add more chicken.

Loan Proposal

This loan will still go towards the purchase of materials for the new chicken houses. I had already purchased some materials with previous loans and will now buy wire meshes for the house floors. I will by 4x8 medium gauge and heavy gauge meshes for the floor and front sides of the improved poultry houses.

Income Source

I have been lucky to be spared the full impact of covid 19 due to the fact that my business involves supply of food and even with a pandemic, people must eat. I believe we will come out of this in the near future and i think the best time to invest in new flocks is now so that they are fully mature by the end of the year and the resumption of social gatherings. I am still selling eggs and one of my cows gave birth last month so i am also selling milk. In addition to all that, i am still in full time employment.





  • nicole    Jul 1, 2021

    My second loan - paid on time. I would be happy to lend to you a third time!!

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  • nicole    Aug 17, 2020

    Paid on time - I would be glad to lend to you again!

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  • guenter    Oct 23, 2019

    Simple payed back very well!

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Classic Loan

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May 31, 2020

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On Time

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2 months

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Service fee: $17.09

Credit risk payment: $20.51

Optional expediting fee: $17.09



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