New computer keyboards, cables and installation

Esther Nyambura

Nakuru, Kenya

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Esther Nyambura

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January 2015

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About Me

I am born third in a family of six children, 3 sisters and two brothers. My mother is alive but unfortunately my father passed away six years ago. I joined pre-school when I was 3 years of age. After which I joined primary school then secondary schools, I have certificates with me. Thereafter I joined college where I attained a higher diploma in Business Management.

After college, my parents were not ready to support me again because there were other siblings that needed more support than me. I gradually became independent, seeking for funds to support myself. In order to cater for my daily needs I sought a job as a cyber attendant. This gave me pretty income which I could support myself. I, therefore, thought of starting my own cybercafe. I bought few computers but I still need more funds to run it smoothly. This is how I came to start a cybercafe.

In my culture we cook food called Githeri. This is a mixture of beans and maize. One funny thing about it is that, during christmas we ought to eat new type of food but my parents and grandparents demand for Githeri. This is unique and typical of my culture.

When my children grow up they want to be great business people and that is why I want to set a good pace for them in developing my own business. My hobby is swimming. I go swimming with some of my family members and they enjoy alot. This brings love and serenity to my family.

My Business

In my cybercafe, there are computers and I installed internet cables where people come and browse thereafter they pay for the time they use while browsing in the internet. I normally charge my clients a Kes.10 shillings as a minimal amount for 20 minutes surfing.Everyone has a need to browse in the internet, either to send documents or download, Skype or do research work,e.t.c.

The cyber business is a good business because it accrues good income when good capital is invested in it. Making sure that the internet is available every time the customer comes. In a month, I can make a profit of $75. This is a good income and it helps me spend to upgrade my business as well as for my basic needs.This is my only main business where i rely to.

I use the income to pay rent, buy food, cater for my transport and other personal needs in the house.
I am intending to expand my cybercafe more that it is today to attract more clients and also to access a WI-FI,which is more reliable and also equip more computers to ease the long waiting time.It is my sincere and kind request to the Zidisha fraternity to support my business as I am preparing to improve my business.With the kind and generosity contributions from the zidisha lenders,I am intending to install my cybercafe to the modest,courtesy of this third loan from the Zidisha fraternity.Thank you all in advance for the kind support.

Loan Proposal

I will purchase two new computer cables that cost $20, five cables that will cost $15 and do the installation with $15. This will tremendously increase the number of customers coming to my cybercafe because of smooth services that I will begin offering to them after receiving the loan.

My computer keyboards have worn out and this tend to disorientate my customers. Once I purchase new keyboards they will find it easy while typing. Buy new cables and doing re-installation of accessing internet will speed up internet access, thus increasing the number of my customers coming to surf in the cybercafe.

I will benefit from this because my revenue will increase by $20 a month. My expenditure will be $50, and total money will be $70 depending on the number of customers. This will bring me an increase of $20 after removing the expenditures. Because I will have done the replacements of computer keyboards, cables and installation, my customers will in turn enjoy browsing in the cybercafe and their cost of browsing will tally the time they use while browsing.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 23, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $50.08 at 5.84% annual rate over 5 months = $1.42

Service fee: $0.91



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