Expanding my music school

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About Me

My name is Andrew Ngoiya Kangethe from Kiambu County. I am a boy number 5 in a family of 7, all boys. I went to school up to college and I did just 1 year of college but could not go on with my course due to financial constrains and also to allow the young ones to be educated too.
After falling out of college I joined a church and I taught myself to play the piano by ear. I was employed by the church to be a piano player but the pay was poor and couldn’t manage my bills. I always had a dream of owning my own piano school to teach other kids how to do it too and make a living out of it. I worked several odd jobs and managed to get a bit of money to rent out a small office from where I could teach from. I borrowed a piano from a father figure friend of the church from where I was working and I started that way. The school picked up slowly but due to financial constraints and family needs I am always left with very little for expansion, pretty much feels like chasing my tail. Am always left in need but am grateful to make the small I make because it makes me of help to my siblings.
I am resilient and ambitious and I believe there is hope for me.
During my free time I like swimming and riding bicycle. I also love doing social work, helping in the community projects and in church.

My Business

My business is about teaching people especially the youth and the children to play the musical instruments. I do my business in Kiambu Town off Nairobi city. My target clients are the low income earners and secondary school leavers, so I always charge them something small to keep my business afloat. The demand for the piano lessons is becoming rapid and in a good month my revenues average between $300 - $350 and my expenses about $130- $150 so on average so in a month I make $130 profit, give or take. I spend the money on paying fees for my siblings, general family expenses and saving for my college fees.

Loan Proposal

I would wish to employ another teacher to help me run the school. With his employment means a few more guitars and keyboard need to be bought. With the loan cash I will be able to add to whatever amount I have amassed and buy 1 guitar and a Yamaha 333 keyboard.

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Expanding my music school

Andrew Kangethe
Kahawa West, Kenya

100% Repaid