New laptops for sale

Reagan Mwenya

Mufulira, Zambia

100% repaid



Reagan Mwenya


Mufulira, Zambia

On-time repayments

19 weekly installments  •  58%

About Me

Hello my name is Reagan mwenya i grew up chinsali district of zambia. I went to school and finished. I did small training in electronics because my uncle i grew up with had an electronic shop so i like working with my hands repairing small gagdets. The only hardship is faced is lack of job so i decided to overcome this challenge by starting my own business, i repair phones and i sell phones. The culture is good people are peacefull. Not yet married . my hobby is playing music.

My Business

I offer service of repairing phones and tablets a skill i learnt from my uncle and in my training. The repair of phones is good business. people sometimes buy phones and when they are damaged nowhere to go for spares. I also sell phones, sometimes i buy damaged phones repair then resell. Technology is changing everyday here so this business is on demand. I spend when i am importing phones from china on shipping charges. when i make profit i pay rent and buy food.

Loan Proposal

I really thank all lenders the help you gave me in my previous loan which i used to buy refurbished phones for sale except that people bought on credit and took a bit long to repay. I also want to apply for another . I have customers who are willing to buy laptops so i wnat to order 3 laptops for sale. I will add some money i already have. With this covid19 where kids have to learn online at home there has been increase in demand for laptops ,mobile phones and tablets and so my service is also needed to repair them. Am very positive that my business profit will increase and I will attract more customers profit will increase. Once I make more profit I intend to reinvest in my business and pay for the loan on time

Income Source

With economic crisis people still need to communicate and as such demand for phones and tablets is still there. One way am using to make extra money is also by teaching school children who are learning at home due to covid19. Even if children learn how to use computers in schools they are not familiar in how to use internet so I have been teaching a few children so that’s my other source of income. So even when economy is bad I can still make some money so that I repay my loan. I Apart from offering repair service on phones for my clients I also buy old phones refurbish them then sell at good profit so I have option to repay.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Dec 18, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $7.70

Credit risk payment: $16.99

Optional expediting fee: $15.46


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