New overlock machine for my tailoring shop

Ann Otieno Anyango

Burumba, Kenya

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Ann Otieno Anyango

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September 2014

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About Me

My name is Anne Otieno from Burumba Estate Busia County,I am the first born in family of 10.I went to Angorm primary school and later proceeded to Lirembe Secondary school where i attained secondary school certificate. I did not manage to get good grades to proceed to the next level and so joined a polytechnic for a tailoring course In 2011, I graduated from Busia Polytechnic with certificate in tailoring.
I started my business to help my mum who has raised us alone. From my business I have been able to support my family with food and pay school fees for my sister in secondary school.
my hobbies are dancing and singing. During my free time i spare some time to visit the elderly and street children. Though i don't give them any financial support i talk to them and encourage them to work even hard.
I am really impressed by Zidisha initiative and appreciate the efforts of all persons involved in a way or another. Thanks a lot.

My Business

My name is Ann Otieno from Burumba Estate Busia County,I am small business lady and a professional tailor specializing in table cloths and mats. I provide my clients with high quality table cloths that reflects their preference.
I have an album where I store all types of cloths i make and so the clients choose exactly what they have prefer.This has always given me a competitive edge against my competitors who only make readymade products. My prices are also very fair for high quality products and therefore that's gives me an edge against my neighbors and competitors. This business is profitable because once you have the table cloths and mats ready they are sold out immediately they are ready.
The business face minimum risks since the market is well planed ,however occasionally some clients don't turn up to pay for their orders.
My monthly costs are $400 (materials and rent) my revenues are $600 .My average profits stand at between $180-$200 a month.
I am looking forward to servicing my loan through the profits i get from my business. Thank you

Loan Proposal

My name is Anne Otieno a tailor by profession,I run a small business that provides me with my daily income. My over-lock machine spoilt a few days ago and I have been unable to fix it since the technician tells me its beyond repair.I am therefore requesting for a loan of $50 to add on the $30 i have saved so that I can buy a new one. A new over-lock would save me the costs of hiring which is $2 per day.I hope you find some resources to lend me so that i sort it out.I will be highly grateful.Thank you





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Classic Loan

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Sep 30, 2014

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5 weeks

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