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John Macharia

Nairobi, Kenya

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John Macharia

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April 2015

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About Me

Growing up at the foot of the Aberdare ranges, my teacher instilled in me a desire to excel in whatever i do all through my education life i have aspired to do this. Even when odds ad obstacles hindered me i pressed on by working hard in whatever job i found myself in enabling me overcome. With increased demands of life a business seemed a good way to start o. However despite failure i pressed on. You can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it. this is my motto

My Business

Vermiculture and Purchase of Feed making inputs and Equipment
AS enumerated in different researches Agriculture continues to be an essential sector as it offers food, employment opportunities and income to many people both in the urban and rural areas. The sector is divided into more than one subsector namely; livestock sub-sector, crop-subsector, the manufacturing sector, the service sector among others. All these sectors play a pivotal role in ensuring that the agricultural sector continues to grow. The livestock sector, one of the important sectors, improves nutrition by providing households with eggs, meat and creation of employment opportunities. Small scale poultry farming, an essential category in the livestock sub-sector, can provide positive spiral events that will not only improve the nutrition but also lead the rural households out of poverty. Moreover, it can be used to empower women whose integral role in farming households of bearing most of the responsibilities for household food security and income is crucial. Interventions aimed at improving smallholders and especially women capacity to produce poultry places them at a pivotal position to play a great role in meeting food demand.
Main challenge is feed production and utilization
The loan is intended to purchase feed making inputs and equipment. These will be used in starting up a small feed production center combined with training smallholder farmers on the use of insects and worms as important supplements to poultry production as well as the economics of production especially for small livestock such as poultry. The funds will also be used to set up a mini demonstration site on insect rearing to help the farmers learn how to rear the insects for poultry feed and where excess sell to the other poultry farmers.
Revenue comes from training cost, sale of mini-kits for insect rearing and sale of the manufactured feed to smallholder farmers at an affordable price.

Loan Proposal

Entrepreneurship requires risk taking. In rural areas poultry provides meat, eggs and income to many households given its cheaper and affordable way of production.
Poultry provides vital sources of nutrition from the variety of products offered, provides jobs and tax revenue that support the community and its development. Moreover, poultry production acts as an economic driver, community builder and meeting places for the community members.
To capitalize on this opportunity I intend to build a larger more secure housing that can house up to 150 laying birds. Selling eggs and meat to residents of Wanjohi and Karima Villages where the poultry production business is located will result to increased household income.
Typical costs of the Project include timber purchase, transport costs, rent and utility bills for electricty and water. Revenue comes from sale of the products. income form this venture is used for school fees, reinvestment in growing the business, home improvements, or daily food needs.
The money will be used to purchase
1. 20 pieces Iron sheets @US$ 6 = US$ 120
2. 20 feet Timber @ 0.5 = US$ 10
3. 2 rolls Wire Mesh @ US$ 30 = US$ 60
4. Feeders and Waterers = US$ 10
Total US$ 200






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Classic Loan

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Aug 7, 2015

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: $7.67


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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