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Duke Nyangau

Nakuru, Kenya

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Duke Nyangau

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April 2013

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About Me

My name is Duke Ombagi Nyangau. I am a Kenyan by birth. Currently i live in Nakuru County, WEAVERS area near my local chiefs camps plot block 4/25 door no5. this is where i have rented a house which i stay with my wife Beth Wanjiru and my child. I attended my primary school at Kibowen Komen and successively i finished the approved course for class eight. I Passed very well and i joined well renowned high school known as Flamingo high school. At my high school i also did well and i wanted to join a college and do a course in the field of business known as business administration but unfortunately my mother was not able to pay my school fees. At this point there was nothing i could do to get money for my fees. I promised my self that i will face life the way it is until i better my life financially to continue with my education. AS i was thinking on what i could do to keep life moving.Some business ideas flocked my mind; very nice ideas but however nice they were, I realized they all had a common similarity. That is the capital. this is the factor that caused me to do what i know do happily' transporting people using motor cycle from home to job and job to home, and of-course taking people around my town. I started transporting people using a bicycle for six months i managed to gather enough money for paying my motorcycle driving course which i passed obtained my driving linces. Immediately i was employed as a motorcycle taxi driver. I worked for my boss for one year and eight months and by the grace of God i managed to save enough to buy one of my own motorcycle. Throughout my live i have learned to work hard and involve the almighty God in all my life goals. When i look back on where i have come from i find a good reason to thank God and pray to achieve all my dreams. Just like any other person, i have had the likes and dislikes too, for instance when i was about twelve years i used to enjoy watching movies playing brick games fighting my neighbors kids to exercise new styles learned from watching movies and many other childish games. But as i grew older i adopted new likes and dislikes to. Ever since i discovered my self i no-longer enjoy doing things i used to do when i was twelve except one, watching movies. I now enjoy listening to new gospel music and accompanying my pastor at my free time to do Evangelical work. This year, i have started saving towards buying another motorcycle to hire out to drivers who needs it. Hiring out motorcycle tax is now a booming business in my locality. Also note am happy to have joined zidisha family since i have recieved several loans that have truly saved my business from fear of temporally shutting down,eg, imagine a situation where, you have no good tires, customers not arriving due to punctures, no valid insurance, every time you are in police custody due to this, one can easily close down temporary or permanently. ONE big reason as to why i borrow small loan from you is that, for people of small income like me, we are not able to save for emergencies since every day am solving either family problems or job problems. This feature is common since the space we have before landing to financial emergency is small, hence saving sometimes is difficult. However i am trying to save through locked account to enable me buy another motorbike so that i can hire out to qualified drivers in order to increase my income. After achieving this goal i may wish to apply loan for my education, classes are available to business people like me late in the evening.Here i write to say thank you for always funding my profile, Over ten loans from zidisha and you have always funded me on the first application sometimes thirty minutes after submitting my application, May almighty God bless you.

My Business

When one arrives at Nakuru county town center, Just about two kilomita drive to the west. MY business is located at Manyatta hotel. Manyatta hotel is next to another big hotel known as PIVOT hotel. Opposite Pivot hotel is a small petrol station known as KOBIL petrol station. ON your entrance to the petro station is where i park my motorbike to wait for customers with my fellow workers who do the same business. the picture i have provided is taken right where i work. i normally provide transportation services.that is hiring services,taking people to their residential houses when its late,there is high demand of the service i offer at my locality simply because all vehicles they normally transport up to certain limit that is at bus terminal but i curry/take my customer up to their door gates.and also they call me to pick them and transport them to their work.through this many client they market my business and sent more new customer to me. Lately i have entered into contracts of taking pupils to schools and getting payments on weekly and monthly basis. Thank you for choosing to be of help to me and my motorcycle tax business; God bless you.

Loan Proposal

Dear zidisha team, Please note that, the motorbike i have been using for the past six months i have not been able to change tires. I bought it last year on December with the weak company tilers; At the time when i bought it was not able to change tilers. The tyles now cannot serve me any further, i keep repairing punchers every now and then; i just wish i could replace the tyles and tubes with new ones; unfortunately, i am very broke financially at the moment; I feel comfortable when my motorbike is okey since this assures me that all my clients makes to their destinations safely and in time; This is the very reason am requesting your financial help, Thankyou.






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Classic Loan

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May 11, 2015

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On Time

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7 weeks

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Service fee: $3.67



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