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Bright Obeng

Osino, Ghana

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Bright Obeng

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July 2020

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23 installments  •  57%

About Me

I am Bright Obeng and I am the third child of a family of six. I was tagged as the shy type during childhood days both at home and at school. I attended Osino Presby Basic School and also attended my Senior High School education at Osino Presby Senior High/Technical School and studied Agricultural Science. Growing up was not easy since I have to endure so many financial hardships. But through all this, I was able to complete my senior high school education and start my freelance work online which generated me some income to save for the future. Starting my freelance work was not easy since I have to endure sleepless nights just to earn $5. I give thanks to the Lord because now I can consider myself as a moderate billionaire because my dreams and the aspirations that I have gotten will push me to the top. I have a keen interest in Snooker and table tennis as a hobby but now my work has become my hobby.

My Business

I am Freelancer (Graphic Designer) and also a Co-CEO of Ezekiel Printery Services which is a printing press located at Osino. My source of income comes from the two jobs listed above and also my youtube channel. Apart from the above jobs, I am currently working on to open bookshop of which I have acquired the land for my business and willing to complete the construction before the end of this year. We could all attest to the high demand for Graphic Designers and also a Printing Press since this world has become a computer world. Even in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic people are still in demand for our services since they have work from home and these things are to be done through the internet.

Project Proposal

Considering the work that I do, I would need this amount to help me purchase a new laptop since my knowledge broaden up as each day passes by and wouldn't want them to go waste. With the help of this capital, I would be able to purchase the laptop since I have saved some amount already.





Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

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Date disbursed

Aug 4, 2021

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $2.03

Optional expediting fee: $8.48


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