Onions and vegetables for wholesale

Nashipae Kaetuai

Isinya, Kenya

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Nashipae Kaetuai

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March 2015

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About Me

I grew up in the remote part of isinya known as Enkirigiri. My primary education was in a local school in magadi and later went to Enoomatasiani secondary school for my KCSE certificate. I was unable to further my education due to stigmatisation of the girl child in the Maa culture at the time. I proceeded to make an income out of my hobby and thus, grew my business. Although I am yet to be blessed with a family, plans to secure a future with one are underway. Apart from my income earning hobby of beading, I enjoy hiking and long distance cycling.

My Business

My business, though majoring in one field, is highly diverse. The items include decorative house and personal ornaments for festivities and fashion. There is an increasing demand due to the rise in interest of the Maa culture. Many people want the items in their houses and events such as weddings. I chose the business as it featured my interests and required knowledge of the culture which I abundantly have. The costs incurred are for materials which mainly include hide and leather and the beads for decoration. That can be achieved with a basic if 10,000. The profit incurred ranges from 20% to 30%.for the profit I want to start a small farm To Help the community to buy wholesale vegetables and sale at a profit for them self's. It is used as reinvestment in business growth, savings and home improvement.

Loan Proposal

Want to start a farm I have cultivated the farm so I want
1)onions seeds 1kg 152$
2)Can fertilizer 20kg 24$
3)Npk fertilizer 20kg. 20$
And 8$ for the people who will help me plant.
A one kg can plant 1 acre and a half it can have 10 to 15 tones and the selling price of an onion is 1$ a kg
15000$ that's the total amount I will get
With the farm I can be able to create more jobs and the people will be able to buy fresh food from the farm





  • Helen Horseman    Nov 6, 2017

    Thank you for full repayment of your loan Nashipae.
    Best wishes for your business going forward.

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Nov 5, 2017

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1 week

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