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Emilly Gideon

Nakuru, Kenya

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Emilly Gideon

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November 2012

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About Me

I am single mother with three children all in school. I live in Nakuru town which is in Rift valley province-Kenya, Langalanga estate along Kanu street. I am a trained Psychological counselor and a psychologist following completing my studies of Bachelor of Psychology with 1st class honours. Currently i am pursuing my masters degree in Gender and development studies in Egerton university. I am employed by Capacity Kenya project as a VCT counselor. With the burden of bringing up my children single- handedly, i felt the need to start a business to boost me in paying my children's school fees and my university fees too. I used earnings from the business to purchase a piece of land which i paid through installments and am planning infuture to build a small family house. Am also planning to save for the future.I am planning to open a car wash with a barber shop inside, some soft drinks and snacks for the customers while waiting for their cars to be cleaned. I have also registered a CBO where my objectives are; to empower and mentor women entreprenuers through motivational speak forums, exchange programs and linking them to relevant institutions. Again will be doing need assessement for marginalised groups and advocating for their rights e.g elderly, street mothers and children living with disabilitie All these i will be colaborationg with county government and relevant government agencies to raise funding for the CBO activities.
Am looking forward for a positive response from you to make my dream come true. I added more business where have registered a Ltd Company which is offering Counseling and Employee Assistance Programs to Individuals/Couples, learning institutions, private organizations and Government institutions at a cost. The name of the company is Psycho Africa Plus Ltd.

My Business

My business is a Cyber cafe and a stationery shop. i have 7 computers 3.3ghz, 512mb, 40gb with 17 inch tft monitors all with keyboard and mouse,1 photocopier machine, a scanner and a printer.The services i offer are ; internet services especially browsing, typesetting, editing, printing, scanning among many others. I sell goods like; note books, pens, photocopying papers, full scarps printer cartridges, ink, snacks and bites like; sweets, biscuits,queen cakes, soft drinks etc. My business is located in a building which houses two universities and a college among other private offices thus creating a good demand. Most students prefer my business to that of my competitors because i offer good customer services, i.e my counseling background has equipped me with life skills which enhances my communication and interactions skills with my customers.I understand their needs and can deal with even difficulties customers without offending them because of my assertiveness. I also offer fair prices compared to my competitors which attracts more customers especially the students, e.g i charge kshs 2 for photocopy per page whereas my competitors charge kshs 3 per page. My business faces the risks of theft due to increased crime in the town, also the risk of rapid development of modern technology. For example, now days people can access internet using mobile phones, many have bought laptops and modems thus reducing the number of customers using cyber cafe for internet or typing. This business isnt doing all that well and am contemplating of closing it down. I too have two other businesses; a boutique where i sell clothes, shoes and cosmetics. The clothes are both males and female wear. The shop is situated in town center and the sales are good. This is because in town center the population is high. Clothing is a basic need in human's life hence people can’t do without clothes. I pay my rent at Ksh 10,000, shop assistant 7,500, electricity 1,000, water bills 500 and miscellaneous expenses 6,000. My sales in a month’s are approximately, Kshs 37000- 42,000.
I too have a consultant company Ltd where i offer services like; Psychological counseling, Psycho-education talks, Employee Assistance Programs, government tenders in training, seminars and workshops among others. The monthly running cost of the office is approximately 35,000 and makes more than 50,000 in a given month. People are overwhelmed with crisis and challenges of modern life thus making counseling a very critical intervention to individuals, couples, private institutions, learning institutions and general population at large. With my profits i keep on expanding my businesses, paying for my children education and upkeep. i am also helping my un able sisters in educating their children. I too have plans of adopting 1 or 2 needy children who i will take care using my profits. I am too in consultancy business; employee assistance consultancy, public health, hygiene and sanitation, Gender awareness & sensitization and mental wellness. The photo attached is me in Arusha-Tanzania facilitating on gender awareness.

Loan Proposal

Last year i registered a consultancy firm under business name. The name of the firm is PsychoAfrica Consultancy and Property investments. The firm offers Psychological counseling services, Employee assistance programs, Trainings, consultancy services,prevention and curative services at affordable fee and property investment services.
I therefore want to open a pharmacy shop which will go hand in hand with the curative services.





  • Margaret    Oct 12, 2017

    Emily paid her loan off in a timely manner, I would gladly lend to her again!

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