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Rahab Nyambura

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About Me

Am Rahab Nyambura 30 years old.I have successfully completed my O Level and pursuerd a degree in Business administration at K.C.A university. Besides school am an entrepreneur running four micro businesses one being rearing of broiler chicken second being ,selling of clothes,and a restaurant , when i was starting this business partly of the capital came from my family members and some i generated from engaging myself from odd jobs which i did during the motivation was my mum who got a road accident and lost her leg got amputated when i was in school so my fees became a major problem i had to work hard to provide fees and help her where i could.,but by the Grace of God and the help of zidisha loans i have overcome all that.

I am a role model to other young people in my community and university as most of them have been visiting my business.Besides working am involved with an organization by the name kibera infortaners situated in kibera slum where we mentor children and engage them in educational and motivational talks and activities.I also enjoy traveling ,socializing and making new friends...

My Business

Am an entrepreneur lady where by i have a great passion for business which i have studied at a degree level at K.C.A University.I now own five businesses one being selling of new clothes that is mens and ladies trousers,dresses,men and ladies shirts, African attires e.g.sandals.I target mostly the students because according to my research are fashion icons and buy clothes oftenly according to new trends int he market.By getting the fifthzidisha loan i was able to open a shop for selling chicken feeds and also added feeders drinkers,and the bulbs that are used to provide heat or warmth in the brooding room. the profit i was geting from this line of business enabled me to add also to variety of clothes e.g shoes,curtains,and African vitenges and African attires and also by the Gods grace i got several customers who i got to supply new clothes at a wholesale price thus include vitenge and African wrappers(leso in swahili).I maintain my customers by keeping a good customer care relation,asking for their opinions ,, getting to know what the want, by providing an affordable price ,, also coping up with the technology fast changes and also providing fashionable items.Challenges that i face are sometimes prices in wholesale go up due to economic instability and changing my prices becomes an inconvenience.My second business is rearing of broiler chicken which i have increased to an amount of 2000 chicks by the help of the last zidisha loan which i decided to rear them on intervals of 1000 so that i can maintain my customers and also to avoid running out of chicken to sell in my fastfood.Third business is fastfood where i sell chicken meat from my farm and fourth is the shop i opened for feeds ..My clothes business total income is from 1500 dollars,hence the total expenses are 800 dollars thus my profit being 700dollars in quartly..some of the profits i contribute through giving back to the society e.g visiting childrens homes and helping where i can .By the help of the previous loan i have been able to increase the number of chicks i rear to 2000 chicks which i decided to rear them in intervals of 1000chicks after every 2 i have finished selling my first lot while the second one is 2weeks which will be ready for sale in next three weeks due to climate change a few to an amount of 30 chicks did not survive thus the total chicks being 1070 inclusive the 2 chicks that are added per box... my profit of clothes has been dormant this is because other pandemic that has occurred this year due to national curfews and Closing of wholesale and retail shops,hence have had time to concentrate on my line of business of rearing broiler chicken.during this Corona pandemic farmers were afraid of rearing chicken due to uncertainty of things so I took advantage of rather a risk and increased chicks from 1400 chicks 2000, which I reared in 2 intervals ,this really boosted me since there were the market was short of chicken
so the demand was high.. the profit of one chicken has increased from 0.90 dollars to 1dollar this because of the decrease of the feeds so that brings the profit being 1000 dollars of the first lot,and same case to the second lot,,part of the profits i contribute through giving back to the society e.g visiting childrens homes and helping where i can,,am also involved in several youth groups where we contribute a certain amount and kept for savings..i also support my grandparents who stay in rural areas to farm coffee..

Loan Proposal

With the help of the loan i will look for a rental shop for the project which will cost 98.9 dollars secondly is buying of the poultry feeds which i will only specialize in broilers birds ,layers bird and kienyeji .these types of feed are categorized in the type of nutrients namely Starter mash ,finisher mash and pellets and in which company they are manufactured in namely UNGA, PEMBE AND ISINYA .the price vary with the different company and also in different nutrients .below is a summarized chart for purchases of one 50kg bag feed in dollars From the company
STARTER 29.67 27.69 27.2
FINISHER 24.72 23.74 23.24
PELLETS 29.18 24.72 24.23

with the help of the loan am therefore planning to buy 5 bags of starter mash from every 3 companies thus 15 bags , 6 bags of finisher mash each from three companies thus 18 bags and 8 bags each of pellets from three companies thus total of 24 bags ..below is a summarized chart
STARTER 29.67 *5 27.69*5 27.2*5 422.79
FINISHER 24.72 *6 23.74 *6 23.24*6 430.21
PELLETS 29.18 *8 24.72 *8 24.23*8 605.26

The total purchase of the feeds will therefore be 1458.26 dollars plus 98.9 dollars =14681.5 dollars ..thus the remaining balance from the loan ill add my savings to complete the plan of the project..this project will benefit me in that my profit for the broiler chicks i rear will increase due to decrease in purchase of a bag of feed since ill b buying direct from the company in wholesale price,,each bag of feed will bring a profit of 4.94 dollars






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Classic Loan

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Sep 14, 2016

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On Time

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12 months

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Service fee: $57.52

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