Leasing land for organic farming business

Hellena Onyango

Burumba, Kenya

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Hellena Onyango

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February 2015

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About Me

My name is Hellena Onyango ,daughter of Mr Onyango Oscar and the late Lorna Onyango. I am the third born in a family of six kids . I went to Bunyore secondary school ,I succefully completed my studies and went for a certificate in Animal husbandry at Egerton University. I am currently mobilizing resources to go back and study diploma in farm management.
My mother passed on while giving birth to our last born Lorna Blessings named after,when i was in my third in secondary school,my dad who was now the sole bread winner could did not have much time for us,he was so stressed up,though he had never taken alcohol he become a drunkard instantly. to make matters worse he married another wife,who mistreated us and beaten us,the community come in and we were taken to the children orphanage . its while at the orphanage that I learnt rabbit keeping,i liked the animals without knowing the great financial potential they had i soon ,when my father was taken to rehabilitation centre ,he come back ,home and together with my step mother we started living together as a family again. I started keeping rabbits and I now sell at least 20 rabbits each month.
I do not have kids now but have siblings that look after me,more so the young Lorna who wants to be vet to treat our rabbits in future.
I like ridding bicycle,running and playing volleyball during my free time.

My Business

I am small scale commercial rabbit farmer. I produce mature health rabbits for sale for their meat or breading depending on the clients needs.I also produce manure and urine which is sell to the nearby organic farm. I am planning to start organic farming too.
Rabbit meats demand is gaining popularity very fast in Kenya given that most consumers prefer white meat to red meat. Its also very nutritious,the skins are used for making caps for traditional dancers and tourists.
I choose this business because it required little space ,rabbits mature fast and because returns are good.Rabbits are also friendly to girls because they are not hostile.
In a month I spend average $60 and make $200 in profits in a good month depending on the season.
I use my profits to buy food for our family,pay school fees for our last born Lorna and save for my diploma course.

Loan Proposal

My name is Helena , I thank you lenders for the good work you are doing. I am asking your honorable ladies and gentlemen support me for the expansion plan in farm. I produce a lot manure in farm and would wish to utilize it in organic farming,however we dont have a land and has to lease. I would use the $100 for cultivation and paying for lease. I would really appreciate your support.






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Classic Loan

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Feb 6, 2015

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On Time

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6 weeks

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Lender interest: $100.38 at 2.95% annual rate over 1 month = $0.36

Service fee: $0.46



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