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Frederick Cudjor

Agona Swedru, Ghana

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Frederick Cudjor

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August 2015

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About Me

My Name is Frederick Cudjor i was born on,1981 in Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. I started school at Narrow-way international in Swedru, i completed in 2001 and continued to Swedru School of Business, i completed in 2004.I continued to University of Cope Coast, I work with a micro finance company in Swedru,I am Married with 2 kids. I love to spend time with my family and my animal farm, am hard working young man who did not joke with time,I live @ swedru in the central region of Ghana

My Business

The business started in the year 2001, is poultry farm. It stared with fifty birds with
tow piglet
The farm grows 50% in a year. I was able to put my self through school from the profit I end, I had 400 bird and 20 pig ,the business want down when I started my university education. I need money to inject in the business to help me produce more eggs and meat for the local market ,when the loan is granted will buy day old chicks and piglet I need new equipment for the farm. We need feed drugs and other equipment for production,we have taking a loan and we are done paying ,we wish to increase our production by 10% in January.Feed vaccination drugs transportation and other equipment .Cost of feed 120 per a bag and we will need 18-22 bags to able to feed 150 birds in 12 weeks,vaccination will be done 4 times and each vaccination cost at lest 50 - 70 Gh cedes,for the pigs we will need 800 Gh cedes to able to feed 48 pigs in 8 week each bag of feed cost 80 Gh. Veterinary officer visit every 2 weeks to take care of the pigs and each visit cost 85 Gh,We thank you guys for every thing,the farm has made 10% growth the number piglet we have gone up,our broiler production has also gone up from 50 broilers to 150 birds,we are adding Rabbit production,We projecting in the next 2years we will go into fish farm,

Loan Proposal

When the loan is granted, we intend to buy drugs, feeds and new breeds of piglet for the farm. When feed is bought in larger quantity, it's economical and also the cost of transportation becomes less.We also intend to increase broiler production to about 10%.
30% of the loan is going to be our cash back for salary and other stuff. We hope our loan will be granted.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 29, 2016

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On Time

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6 months



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