Pit-latrine sanitation service

Elijah Mithamo

Muranga , Kenya

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Elijah Mithamo


Muranga , Kenya

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8 weekly installments  •  100%

About Me

I'm a Kenyan with a bachelor of commerce degree . Worked in banking industry as a sales representative after finishing my studies.
At the moment I work providing sanitation services to schools. With a partner we want to create awareness about hygienic management of pit latrines at school. The overall goal is to create a conductive environment for students to learn in and at the same time help schools cut costs of constructing new pit latrines.
The initial stage is creating awareness which also means creating market for our services. Eventually we will charge a fee for the services provided.

My Business

Most schools in my locality use pit latrines. When these pit latrines fill up they need to be emptied or new ones constructed. Construction of new latrines can be a costly affairs and emptying them manually or mechanically poses challenges of exposing the neighboring areas to pathogens because most people providing emptying services end up disposing of the sludge in water ways and other unsanctioned places causing health hazards.
Therefore management of pit latrines to avoid quick filling and also eliminating odor in learning environment is imperative.
We intend to use additives with Effective Micro-organisms to reduce fast filling and also eliminate odor and diseases causing pathogens.
The funds raised will be used to purchase these additives and offer cleaning services in schools.

Project Proposal

Initially we intend to do awareness (marketing) of the health concerns brought about by having untreated pit latrines to schools and the community at large.
Later we will start providing the services to the schools which may require our services. The earnings will be used to provide the services and awareness to more schools simultaneously. Additionally we will use the funds to purchase effective Micro-organisms additives, cover transport cost and buy a few safety gear.





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Pay It Forward

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Oct 1, 2021

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Service fee: $3.91


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Raleigh, United States

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