Please help me buy new cake-moulds

George Kariuki

Limuru, Kenya

100% repaid



George Kariuki


Limuru, Kenya

On-time repayments

56 weekly installments  •  80%

About Me

I'm a passionate baker.Nevertheless,I.m trained in High School language teaching.
I settled in the baking industry after dabbling in various businesses in diverse sectors including farming and transport.I chose the food sector owing to the fact that food is non seasonal and a mandatory item on the family budget.
My permanent address is Limuru township ,a town 25 km from the capital and renowned for the entrepreneurial spirit of her people.I resigned from my day job early last year to concentrate in my business,something that I always dreamed of.
I'm the sixth born in a family of ten ,something that taught me the art of coexistence and team play ;which are necessary essentials in business.
I'm seeking a partnership with lenders from the Zidisha forum for now and in the future expansion of this promising business.

My Business

Bread baking and selling is my business.My average monthly sales are usd 1500 with profits of usd 375.
Sweetfest bakery has been in operation for the last 1 year.It is strategically located in a densely populated residential area within Nairobi's Industrial area.
Currently,I sell 100 loaves daily against a backdrop of 500 loaves daily target by end of 2014.
My strength is in retailing a low cost bread to a target market that is very price-conscious.The following factors enable me to sell my bread at a whooping kes 10 lower than my competition;
a]Use of sweet flour composite flour
b]No transport costs as the bakery is within the target market
c]Reduced packaging costs
d]Use of low cost fuels
Competition and cash flow are the main challenges .My response to competition has been in strategic pricing.I also intend to enhance my sales by stocking other breakfast essentials mostly milk to ensure a one stop breakfast shop.
The investment advanced will be used to source raw materials in bulk thus enhancing my cost cutting measures.

Loan Proposal

I'm applying for this loan to get cash to buy a new cake -moulds and baking trays.
I started my bakery business with a few used equipment owing my minimal startup capital.My cake moulds are now quite old and out of trend. In the cake industry one has to listen to customer trends especially on shapes.
With the loan advanced I will buy 300 small cake-moulds and 10 baking trays.
The new equipment will be very beneficial to my business as it will help me capitalize on the customer aesthetic requests.Apart from maintaining and increasing my sales,this investment will send a message to my clients that my business listens.
It's my sincere hope that Zidisha lenders will again offer me a hand as I make my entrepreneurship dreams a reality.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 27, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $149.80 at 10.16% annual rate over 4 months = $6.15

Service fee: $3.04



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