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Chepkemoi Janet

Sitotwet, Kenya

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Chepkemoi Janet

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October 2014

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About Me

I am a Kenyan citizen living in Kericho county aged 25 years old happily married and blessed with two children. I am the first born in a family of five children and my husband comes also from Kericho County. My area of specialization is in the medical field that is medical laboratory sciences. I have great interests in trying various business ventures, helping the needy in the society and like traveling to different places, listening to gospel music and surfing the internet most of the time especially reading more in the agricultural sector and internet marketing. Kericho County is associated with a lot of rain for doing good business in farming. So with this climatic condition favorable for farming I decided to venture into this area immediately after graduating from Kenya medical college (KMTC) Eldoret Branch in the year 2008. Since then having running this farming business with the little savings which I made through the medical field. The family background where I’m coming from have been doing quite very well in the farming business because all my siblings have cleared secondary school education and all there school fees was paid through the farming business, this partly contributed to my interest in this enjoyable and profitable venture to which I gained skills of managing livestock and small scale farming in horticulture. Currently I have a brother who is studying at University of Kabianga and I’m supporting my parents by paying of the school fees. The farming business is quite doing very well currently especially the horticulture and livestock whereby the market is ready for the products, improved infrastructure facilities in the area and also good support services from the Ministry of Agriculture through constant training to farmers and offering best services through the use of certified seeds, subsidized fertilizers and AI services. I am looking forward to financial support from Zidisha through their online loans. Thanks

My Business

The main source of incoming will be through the livestock products and horticulture products. For the livestock productions is mainly through the sale of milk which goes for $2 per litre and in a day the production is normally around 20 litres which can give me a total of $40 per day and sale of 1 year old calves at around $150 per year. Also for the horticulture sector I normally plant tomatoes, vegetables, potatoes and beans. The cycle for the horticulture business goes for only three months, after every three months it can generate an income of $2000. Expenditure is normally very minimal in the sense that there is ready land for this venture which is over 20 acres. The profits from the business will be re-invested and for paying schools fees. The livestock production and horticulture production supplies are always in demand to the nearest public schools, hotels, individuals and restaurants in the vicinity. Due to this huge demand there is a need for me to increase my livestock through the purchase of more livestock to keep in touch with the constant demand that is ever increasing on daily basis. So with this I have decided to humbly seek help from Zidisha lenders through their loans in order to purchase more livestock to increase from the two that I have currently. The two livestock that I have was acquired through the savings that I made in the medical field that I practiced at Kericho district Hospital where I used to earn a salary of $300 per month. I used to save $100 per month as from the year 2010 when I was first employed at the Kericho District hospital. I decided to venture into farming because there is big potential in the sector and can lead an improved living standard. So to repay the loan will not be a challenge considering the little interests associated with it. Thanks in advance

Loan Proposal

The intended second loan will be used in the purchase of potato seedlings at $30, DAP fertilizers at $25 and maize seedlings at $20. The potato seedlings will be planted on the already prepared 1/2 acre farm and the other 1/2 acre farm will be used for the planting of maize. Other cost that will be incurred include labour and transport cost. Maize that will be produced in my farm will be mainly used for family consumption and the potatoes that will mature after three months will be sold at the market to generate income that will be used in other expenditure including paying of school fees and medical expenditure.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Feb 10, 2015

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34 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $164.62 at 5.59% annual rate over 34 months = $25.96

Service fee: $17.36

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