Cultivate 3 acres of potatoes

Zacharia Kinga Rukwaro

Nafaka Estate, Kenya

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Zacharia Kinga Rukwaro

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January 2013

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About Me

I was born 48 years ago in a family of 10 children 5 sons and 5 daughters. The family lived in Kiptunga sub- location Nakuru district. I’m a son of Rukwaro and Ruth Kinga. At an age of 8 years i joined Kiptunga primary school in standard one. The school life was very interesting in my life time. I was good in games like football, volleyball and was long distant runner.
My dream was focused on pursuing to the higher institution of learning especially in animal husbandly. I joined 4k club when I was class four where I learned how to keep rabbits, hens and farming.
The project from 4k club was so successful such that I won a ward of the best rabbit in local district show. Back at home my father kept cows, sheep and pountry. Every morning I could feed them before I report to school.
After doing my Certificate of Primary Education and passed, I joined Kimathi High School. My favorite subjects were siences subjects such as biology and agriculture. My dream of becoming medical/vet became so vivid and after a course of 4years,I did my Kenya Certificate of Education which opened a door to High School Advanced level. After completing this level, I joined Midlevel course where I did my Diploma in Lab Technician.
I got married in 1990 and we have been blessed with 4 boys and one

My Business

After completing my Diploma course, I was employed at Mama Ngina Secondary school where I am working up date. As I have said earlier that I had interest in animal husbandly, I started research of Drugs of chickens. Initially I started giving Vaccination to chickens. The demand grew like the bushfire. Initially, one day I could attend ten farmers at different places. For vaccination used to change a considerable amount of money. The challenges developed in the course of my business when uncurable disease arose. I was forced to learn through correspondence on disease Management which has been so helpful in this field. The business has rose such that I am covering almost the whole division.
With the expansion of the business, I need the Moto- Bike which will make me serve more customers at the right time without any delay. I love this business because it makes me busy through out and make me learn more and more in daily bases. Currently i do use a bicycle and it is very hard to reach my clients at the right time.

Loan Proposal

When I received the previous loan of $100, the Land preparation was underway and thus I used it to buy 2(Two) bags of Phosphate Fertilizer which I used to plant one Acre Plot of Potatoes Tubers. Challenges were many since it was a new project and I did not have sufficient money for chemicals, but finally the yield was so amazing. At the end of the season I harvested 40 bags of Potatoes which I sold at price of Ksh 1,800/= per bag which gave me total of Ksh 72,00 0 in a period of 4 months. It was good profit. The yield was high due to the input. May God bless you lenders and zidisha.

I have already planted two Acres and I want to increase the capacity to Five Acres with your support.I will buy 20 bags of [email protected],500/= i.e.ksh 70,000 and remaining 30,000 will buy 30 packets of chemicals including herbicides,boosters and anti fungal at ksh 1000. The project will be successful due to rains falling at correct season and no doubt will improve the standard of living to my family. I have a Son who has joined College last Month. I used part of the money to pay the School fees.If harvest well I will sustain his school fees to the end.
As a matter of fact, the Scheme has been so good that we are proud of it. As I have stated above, I want to expand my project by planting Five Acres of Potatoes. The cost of production of one Acre goes up to Ksh 30,000/= i.e.150,000 for 5 acres.I anticipate a harvest valued at 500,000/= and less zidisha 100,000,a gross profit of ksh 400,000 and less labour=200,000.Please may you consider the request.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 15, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks

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