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Job Omondi

Nyamira, Kenya

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Job Omondi

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January 2015

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About Me

I was born in 1992,in a small town in Nyamira county in the republic of kenya.i successfully went to Nyangoso primary and finished from there 2006.I then joined Nyambaria school where I finished from with my o level certificate in the year 2009.the year 2010 I went to senator Kebaso and started from form 3 then I finished from there 2011.Due to lack of money I opted to do activities such as rearing of hens so as to get my daily bread. Have also ventured in farming especially beans and bananas whereby I harvest beans twice annually and for bananas at least twice to three times a year. This has been able to give me sustainable income to venture into photography whereby am making reasonable a mount per week of up to 15 dolars.T hat way am able to support my family and access better health care. I am planning also to further my education so as to achieve my childhood dream of being a literature teacher. Apart from my busy business routine, am a good footballer and volleyball, I also like singing having been brought up in a christian setting. Hope my story gives hope to someone.

My Business

Following my good experience in poultry Farming since childhood, I have resorted to apply this knowledge to earn cash. I begun with a single hen and currently I have reared up to 30 chicken. There being a good market with a high demand for chicken products, I have been highly motivated to this chore. I sell both eggs and chicken in my locality and would wish to supply my products in a larger scale to the neighboring towns in future. Nevertheless like any other beautiful woman there is a spot in this business. I face various challenges including but not limited to competition from peers with more capital to run the operations like ferrying the eggs or chicken and tropical diseases that have claimed up to 10 of my hens. Even so I am determined to be the best in this. On average I make 15 dollars a week. Any financial assistance will go a long way in increasing the number of hens and expanding my poultry business. In future I will venture into a variety of poultry and their products.

Loan Proposal

Currently I have more than 70 hens and each day I collect 50eggs.
To increase my yield I wish to add more hens to be specific kuroilers so that to increase the supply of more eggs for my ever increasing customers.
I also intend to use part of the money to purchase an hatchery which will boost in terms of yielding more chicks due to the market demand of one day chicks

Income Source

Indeed its becoming a challenge but we have to remind ourselves that even in tough times people afford meals.The situation as it is has left many locked in their homes and this has necestated families to provide more food to their families this has made my business venture more ideal. As an example the last few months have seen an increase in turnover





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Classic Loan

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Jul 7, 2020

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On Time

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2 months

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Service fee: $11.25

Credit risk payment: $12.37



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