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Georgina Maluki

Nairobi, Kenya

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Georgina Maluki

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January 2016

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About Me

I hail from a rural area in the Eastern parts of Kenya. I was born in a family of six, but lost my dad when I was aged 15. Following my dad`s passing on, I never went to school for one year. Afterwards, I resumed my academics with the aid from my relatives. This enabled me to complete my secondary education, before joining KeMu to study Agriculture. After graduation, I was employed at KENRI-Karen. I worked at KENRI for almost two years, before resolving to start my own business. I`m the only learned member in our family, and my siblings look up to me to sustain them, both in school and at home.

My Business

I worked at KENRI for two years as office assistant. My income was quite low, and not enough to sustain me, as well as my family. This prompted me to seek for a job elsewhere. Unfortunately, I never secured a better job. Luckily, I had some savings, most of which I used to start my own business venture. My uncle gave me two acres of land, on which I planted kales. This gave me enough income to even start planting cabbages and spinach. I also purchased 5 more acres of the by-then neighboring land. I`ve been using this venture to sustain my family, and it`s been doing great.
My mission is to expand my business and venture into poultry farming in small scale. The business though requires a lot of capital to start and my desire is to secure a loan with you so that it can help me start the business.

Loan Proposal

I want to continue with my poultry farming since it has prove very profitable. I will buy chicks at kshs 10000 . I will also buy food for kshs 4000 the remainder will be used as an emergency fund in case there is anything there is unforeseen e.g drugs and repairs. I anticipate to make a profit of about 1000$ in the next three months .This will be used to increase my farming business .I will also use the proceeds for our family domestic use.

Am looking forward to using this loan constructively.for the benefit of my well being.






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Classic Loan

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Jan 28, 2016

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On Time

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3 months




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