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Robert Kpamma

Kasoa, Ghana

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Robert Kpamma

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July 2015

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About Me

My Childhood and Education.
During my childhood, I was discovered to be quiet but strong and intelligent child. My friends used to called me” Kofi the strong man tack him and see”. They were afraid to tack me because I was strong.
I grew up cultivating the habit of going to Church everyday as a Catholic for Daily Mass. As an Altar Boy or a Mass Servant I used to be at Church at 6:00 AM to prepare the Altar for Daily Mass (Church Service) at 6:30 AM. I couldn’t have a better day without going for Daily Mass.
As a student, I used to get myself ready for Daily Mass after which I go to school without going home. I play a good leadership role both in School and in Church. In school (Junior High), though I was not given leadership position, yet I played the role as a Senior Student. I used to go to school early to take roll call so that later comes will be penalized.
One challenge I had when in Junior High, was when my father demand that we should go to farmer and help during school hours. Even though, I was hard working as a child but to go to farmer on the expense of my school hours was serious challenge to me. However, for my hard work and better performance in school, my Headmaster help me out of this by talking to father to always allow me to benefit from my school hours rather than to the father.
This made me never to forget my Headmaster. It was all because of my conduct and good behavior in school and safe me. This helps me to come out from school with a better grade. I would have perform poorly and drop out of school because of this challenge.
I stared my own business as a photographer after I had some experience working with a number of sole proprietors. It has being my dream to have my own business, but how to start was a big challenge to me.
Fortunately, one day I got a small camera which belongs to my brothers. I said to myself I can make business out of this, and luckily it was during Easter, thus a season for photographers to make more business. So it was the right time for me. Even though I had negative thoughts about how friends will under minds me taking up this business yet I discovered it to be lucrative business.
And there I found myself in photographic.

My Business

My Business Story.
I started my business in 2004 as a photographer. I got to discovered myself from my Entrepreneurship lectures as one among others who put the ideas of entrepreneurship into action. Why because I was taught by my Lecture that entrepreneurs start their own business basically with an idea and not necessarily with money.
As a photographer, I started my business with no capital. I just got a small camera from my brother was determining to make business out of it. Even though, I offered Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting Option) in Kumasi Polytechnic. After my completion of the course my mind was to search for job but not to do my own business because I was taught that to do any business one need to have a start -up capital. And I didn’t have any start-up capital, so having interest in doing my own business was a big challenge.
However, in the process of searching for job and working with a number of sole proprietors and private companies the idea of starting my own business was ringing loud into my hears. And this idea came into fruitful when I got that small camera from my brother. It was Easter period and as a Church member I believe it was the right time to start my photographic business.
I had a lot of challenges as to how to start since I never did photographic as a course. And they were about five experience photographers already in my church not to talk about those in that community. I also had in mind that negative taught as to how people will as Polytechnic graduate becoming a photographer. But having done my costs and benefits analyses on the business there was nothing that could hold me from going in.
I kick into the business and within one year I became I professional photographer and the first among the five experience photographers to introduce digital photos and with instant printer.
In 2007, my uncle conceives me to join the banking industry to work as a Cashier but that couldn’t stop me from the photo business. I was making more money and having more freedom in my business than working in the bank. I had to resign from the bank in 2012, because I wanted my freedom so badly than working in the bank for prestige. Moreover, this allow me to concentrate on my business and build it for the future.
I choose this business not only because it's lucrative but I love doing it and allow me to meet new people and get connected with them for life. I also give the opportunity to travel to other places.
The typical costs of printing 500 pictures currently is equal to GHS375 and all things being equal the typical revenue on this will give my business GHS 1250.
I use the profit for growing my business, home improvement, and investing into other new business. I have invested some of my profit into Agency Banking which is about to kick off.

I am applying for this loan to help me top up the money I have from my business to buy a new HP photo printer. The cost of the printer is currently $280. I will be paying back this loan in a monthly installment of GHS52.8 out of my business.

Loan Proposal

The loan that will be offered to me will be use to top up with some money that I have save to purchase a new HP printer which is about $280 now. This is a potable size printer that I can carry along with me where ever am going for business. It can print 4x6, 5x7 and passport size pictures for my customers within 2-3 minutes.
This is to help me improve my service delivery to my customers. It will also help me in situation when far away for programs like wedding, graduation, matriculation, parties, anniversary, and others.
Not only will it improve my service delivery, but will also in increase my business profit by 50-70%. This will help me a long we way to expanse my business and to invest in other new business opportunities. Expansion of my business and starting other new business means I will be employing people and training others to build their own business.
As I mention already, it my dream to build and expand this business, I have started training two young men for free and others are also showing interest. So getting this printer to increase profit, I reinvest it into by additional cameras to recruit and training serious but needy young men and women.
I will also invest some of this profit into a new business opportunity as an Agent of InCharge Global powered by Ecobank msavings. This is an Agency Banking where we are introducing mobile savings(msavings) to people through electronic payment system. This a great new business in addition to my photographic.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Aug 18, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $2.41

Robert opted to pay $6.33 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.



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